Jack Nicholson attends Lakers game with family and shakes hands with Larry David and LeBron James

– Jack Nicholson made a rare public appearance at an LA Lakers game on April 28, accompanied by his son and grandson.
– He was greeted by fellow celebrities such as Larry David and LeBron James, and the Jumbotron played a special tribute video for him.
– Although he hasn’t starred in any projects since 2010, Nicholson’s 78 credits and three Oscars cement his place as a Hollywood legend.

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Legendary actor Jack Nicholson made a public appearance at the LA Lakers game on April 28 in support of his favorite team facing off against the Memphis Grizzlies in playoff Game 6. It was his first time at a game since October 2021, reported by journalist Rachel Nichols. Accompanied by his son Ray Nicholson and grandson Duke Nicholson, the 86-year-old was seen interacting with fans and celebrities alike throughout the game.

The father of Grizzlies star Ja Morant, Tee Morant, was one of the people whom the actor chatted with during the game. Larry David also shook hands with the Hollywood icon while LeBron James came over to chat with him too. Fans present at the game captured a special tribute played on the stadium’s Jumbotron, which included clips from “The Shining” and “Batman” followed by Nicholson sitting courtside.

Despite stepping away from Hollywood’s spotlight, Jack Nicholson remains a beloved figure among fans, as he has three Oscars and 78 credits to his name. While he hasn’t starred in any projects since 2010’s “How Do You Know,” the actor values spending time with his family and cheering on his favorite NBA team.

The LA Lakers game on April 28 was a star-studded affair, and Jack Nicholson’s presence added to the electrifying atmosphere of the game. Fans were thrilled to see the Hollywood icon back in the stadium, proving once again that his love for the Lakers never fades away.