J.I. Talks International Success, New EP, and Staying Focused on His Dreams

– J.I. is a rising rap star from Brooklyn, New York who has millions of streams.
– He has gained a global following by curating an international fanbase with his lyrical and melodic brand of hip-hop.
– While staying focused on his craft, he hopes to inspire others through his music and wants to break into the acting industry as a writer.

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J.I., the Puerto Rican rapper also known as Justin Irvin Rivera, is making waves in the music industry as he continues to rise to international success. Growing up in Brooklyn, J.I. honed his lyrical skills on the streets and in local ciphers, always striving for something bigger. He found his break when he received an invitation from Jermain Dupri to join the second season of “The Rap Game,” a hip-hop reality series. He seized the opportunity to expand his fanbase and released his first EP, “Hood Life Krisis Vol.1.”

Now, having just released his fifth EP, “One Way or Another,” J.I. finds himself far beyond the asphalt boulevards of his borough and poised for international success. His melodic brand of hip-hop has found plenty of fans overseas, and he is currently on his first European tour. J.I. prides himself on his punch lines, and he combines his sing-songy cadence with lightning-fast delivery of lyrically complex bars and strong punch lines all in a single breath.

Despite the competition in the rap scene, J.I. takes a sage-like attitude toward it, acknowledging that he is the only one who can destroy what he’s built. He understands how easy it is for an up-and-coming emcee to fall off track and how fickle fortune can be. Staying motivated and staying the course to success is his top priority.

J.I.’s focus goes beyond just music as he plans to break into the acting industry. He expresses a desire not only to star in movies but to write them. Regardless of the medium, J.I.’s need to express ideas through writing seems to be what has always driven him. He hopes to inspire others with his story, regardless of whether they like his music or not. J.I. wants people to look at his story, where he came from, and be able to take something positive from it and feel like they can flip their situation around.

J.I.’s latest EP, “One Way or Another,” is currently available across all streaming services. You can check out the music video for one of his latest singles, “So So,” to see just how J.I.’s signature style has found its way into the hearts and playlists of fans around the world.