Innovate your dates with these 9 original ideas

Imagen de Tatyana Kazakova en Pixabay

The cold weather arrives, and going for a walk is often not the best idea for a date. But then you stop to think about what else you can do and your mind goes blank thinking of original ideas. Maybe it’s your first date and you’re looking to innovate, or perhaps you’ve been on more than 10 dates and you want to do something different that you’ve never done before. If you have a date, break the ice with some of the following ideas. Try to get out of the routine and strengthen the bond with that person even more. Here is a list of nine original ideas for your dates.

1. For the spontaneous

Often the different plans are the ones that surprise you the most, the ones that you wake up one day and, without planning, you go for it. Going to a show or signing up for a course together is a good idea. Then, if you want to go back to your favorite place for coffee and conversation, you can do it to comment on the experience of the spontaneous date.

2. Date for animal lovers

If you love animals and you both have dogs, you can meet up so your pets can get to know each other and you can get to know each other. By getting to know how your date treats an animal, you will also get to know part of your partner’s personality. Also, if you see that you only pay attention to the dog, you don’t get along with the person because the date is with him, not his pet.

3. Dating with curiosity

You’ve never stopped to look at a bird and wonder what the bird is thinking. For many, bird watching is a hobby, and for you and your date, it can be the start of a new shared hobby. And you’re sure to have time to talk while you wait to spot another bird.

4. For the artistic

If you can’t sit still, and what relaxes you is painting, then go ahead. Invite your date to a pottery or painting workshop. Your date may have an artistic side too, and you might connect through painting and need to try. And if neither of you is good at painting, you’ll have a few laughs.

5. For the couple with an environmentalist side

Doing good deeds allows you to connect with someone because it gives you that tenderness. Plus, you can help the planet in turn. Go out, clean up the woods with that special someone, and chat in an idyllic setting while picking up people’s trash.

6. For those with an appetite

Eating is fun for almost everyone, even more so if it’s unhealthy food that you feel like bingeing on. Why don’t you make your ice cream? Get out the cream and the toppings and let the ice cream party begin.

7. Musician’s date

If you both play an instrument, joining the sounds together to create a melody is like uniting your souls. Another date idea is meeting up to play together and create musical magic.

8. Book dates for those who love a good read

Have a double date, with the book and with him or her. If you read and discuss the same book, you’ll have twice the fun. Gossiping about reading is fun and can lead to other conversations with that person.

9. For those who like to compete in games

It could be said that the “Two truths and a lie” game is one of the classics in dating. You share two things that are true and one thing that is invented. One of the two people on the date has to guess which one is the lie. This opens up conversations and opportunities to learn about each other. But, for those gamers who might find this game boring, you can always opt for other options. You can opt for something more glamorous like a casino. A fancy dinner and a few games of the best slots can always be a good option. However, you can always invite your date to your home and make the same but more economical plan. Prepare a spectacular dinner and at the end, you can connect to an online casino. The experience will be like a real casino since you can play real money slots and other games. You can always play for free but only with money will you have the chance to win for real. There are more than 10,000 slots to distract you on your first date, including Reel Rush or Cleopatra Plus.

In the end, there are thousands of plans for a date. You need to find the one that best suits how you feel that day, what kind of environment you prefer, and what tastes the person you are going to meet has. Any date plan is good to break the ice or strengthen the relationship.