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Identifying legitimacy: 5 ways

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In this article, we’ll write more about identifying legitimacy on websites, as many people are concerned about their security and safety online. If you don’t know how to recognize if a site is legit, then read the lines below where we will explain what you need to do to research the online platform and its background. 

Availability of SSL certificate

Legitimate websites use an SSL certificate to protect their users. This technology stops unauthorized access to the site and the possibility of hacker attacks. If you see that a website starts with https://, it uses the certificate. Of course, most webmasters are concerned about the security of their platforms as well as their visitors. This isn’t some new thing, but it’s worth keeping in mind when surfing the web. 

In case the website is not legitimate, then it is very possible that it does not use SSL certificate. In other words, your data is not protected and it is possible for a hacker to siphon off information about you. If you come across such a site, then you better stay away from its services. 

This applies especially to online shops, casinos and places where you use cash. The absence of an SSL certificate is dangerous, as it is possible for your bank card or bank account details to be stolen and used unauthorisedly. 

Live chat connection

Another way to check the legitimacy of a site is to check the ways to contact support. Assuming there is only an email address, you may not receive a response to your queries. The better sites have a live chat that you can join to ask your questions and get a response from the customer service department. Chat is a very important factor that needs to be present online for you to be given the assistance you need. 

Of course, you should also keep an eye out for an electronic contact form, phone number, Facebook page and other ways through which you can build a relationship with the portal. The more ways there are to contact support, the better for you. This only speaks well for the website. 

Photo copyright

If photos on a site are stolen/copied from elsewhere, then it only speaks badly for the owners. They must have copyright to be able to post all kinds of graphics, photos and animations. This can be done once they purchase a subscription from an online photography platform and use the products they find there freely. 

Copied content is not inherent to legitimate sites, so if you spot such, you can doubt the platform’s good name. In that line of thought, you need to make sure that the materials used have provenance and purchased copyrights for their use. 

Site license

Usually, betting sites and online shops must have a license that is noted on the platform itself. Check if the site is licensed before playing or shopping from it. This is the only way to check its legitimacy and ensure that you will not have any problems. In case the license is not reflected, you can contact support to ask them about it. They will be kind enough to give you an answer if their system is legit. 

Social media presence

Most legitimate sites have a presence on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. They have presented their pages where you can learn more about their activities, see photos and get in touch with the owners. As long as the website is present on social networks, it is very likely that it is legitimate and secure. 

To that end, when you log into a site, check for buttons to social channels. You can even log into the profiles to view them and read reviews and comments of other users. This way you will see what the sentiments and opinions are about the site. 

Summary words

These were 5 ways to identify the legitimacy of a website. From this point on, you can follow our tips and check if the online platform is legitimate or a scam. Be especially careful when surfing the internet because you may come across fake sites that want to steal your data and use it illegally. Now we wish you success and all the best.

Richard Owens
Richard Owens
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