How to Plan a Great Virtual Date

How to Plan a Great Virtual Date

Virtual dating has been around for a few years now but has really taken off over the past couple. More than ever before people are turning to Facetime or Zoom to meet the potential love of their life, but is it much fun? As with real-world dating, virtual dating has the potential to be brilliant if you pick the right activity and the right person and absolutely disastrous if you get it wrong. The big bonus is that, with virtual dating if it all gets too terrible, you can just switch off your webcam. We are hoping that it won’t come to that though!

A Trip to the Casino

First up is the dream date for any gamers. Increasingly people are using their gaming headsets to chat to people who enjoy the same games as them, so naturally, there are more and more couples who meet via an online game. Whilst both logging on to Call of Duty and shooting away isn’t exactly romantic, there are certain games that do conjure up ideas of old-fashioned romance. If you want to create the kind of romantic atmosphere that only Hollywood is capable of then look there for inspiration. There are so many great movies influenced by gaming, but Casino Royale takes some beating. If you want to recreate the glamour of the casino virtually then it couldn’t be easier than at an online site. Sign in to your webcam chat together and play a private game of poker against one another, or find a romance-themed slot machine.

A Romantic Meal

For those who aren’t worried so much about failing at your first virtual date but rather how to really impress, organizing a cook-a-long is great fun. We wouldn’t recommend this option to those who are really terrible in the kitchen, but if you’ve got some skills then you should be just fine. Even if you’re a true gourmet, try to stick to something relatively foolproof as you don’t want to be glued to the oven for the duration, waiting for your souffles to rise. In preparation for your date, you’ll need to decide on the recipe that you want to cook, check that your date enjoys that dish and send them a shopping list of the ingredients that they will need to buy. On the big night, as before, both log on to your webchat and get ready to don your chef’s hat. A few glasses of wine always help to get this date idea running smoothly, so pour yourself a glass and begin your cook-a-long. Take your date step by step through the stages of your dish, remembering to make time to chat along the way. You’ll find that conversation flows easily when you’re both engaged in an activity.

Insert Image Here >Image< Caption: Visiting a virtual gallery means you can chat as much as you like without upsetting any art critics

A Trip to An Art Gallery

The final idea will appeal to the culture vultures amongst us. A trip to the gallery is a great first date idea, but in real life you need to stay fairly quiet in this kind of setting. In virtual dating, however, you can be as noisy as you want, meaning that you can share ideas about the artworks on display without fear of annoying anyone who was enjoying a moment of quiet contemplation. Hundreds of galleries across the world are now offering virtual tours that are sometimes free but always cheaper than going to one in the flesh. Sign yourself and your date up for a virtual tour and enjoy it together via webcam. Looking at art is a great way to break the ice and if it all goes well then you can plan to visit the real thing on your first in-person date.