How to Market a Business Like a Celebrity

Photo by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

Celebrities have it easy, or so we think. People see them, love to associate with them, and fans want a piece of anything they put out there.

Look at Rihanna, she became an American darling through her music, and now almost every woman wants to buy from her beauty product line, Fenty Beauty. This is because she is loved, puts herself out there, produces products that customers relate with, and is consistent.

But what does it take to market a business like a celebrity? How do you make customers see you and maintain the ‘celebrity’ status with so many other companies in your sector scrambling for that top spot?

This post sums up five tips that celebrities use to stay relevant which you can adopt to market your business.

Make Sure People See Your Business

Even if you have the best products or services in the world, no one will know if you don’t spread the word and make customers notice you. Create a website, write content customers relate with, and establish yourself as an authority figure in your niche. 

Stay in the public eye by being active on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, don’t ignore mainstream media. TV interviews, radio commentaries, press releases, and stories will give you a “celebrity” status among clients.

Control What The World Sees

Every business has its good days and its bad days. You should publicize the good days and control what people see on the bad days. For instance, if a client is not satisfied with a product or service, manage the situation quickly to prevent bad publicity.

In case of misunderstandings, promptly apologize or offer solutions to make your business look professional. For instance, if a client is unhappy, offer them a refund, free shipping, or other pleasantries and publicize it. 

Reinvent Your Business

Celebrities move around in luxury cars, hang out at expensive places, look good, splash money on stuff, and donate to charities. Similarly, your business needs to look like it’s owned by a celebrity for you to be seen as one. Invest in a great logo, redesign your website, hire professional photographers and models to showcase your products, and market like a celebrity. Update your product packaging, catchphrase, and motto.

Reinventing needs money. If you don’t have enough funds, a bank or an auto title loan can help you. You can search for “title loans near me” on your favorite browser to get the funds you need. A short-term loan is easier to pay back and has a lower interest rate.

Build A Following

You cannot be famous unless you have loyal fans who are always eager to hear from you. Build a social media following by creating content that fans will like, create an email list for followers, and send a monthly newsletter. You’ll get fans, subscribers, and website visitors who buy your products, recommend them to others, and leave positive feedback.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Opening social media accounts is not enough, you need to market your business like a celebrity. Barrack Obama keeps updating his social accounts with information his fans want to see, so do that too. 

Post about your products, run offers on social media, and take part in challenges and hashtags. You can also hire actual celebrities to promote your product or services on social media.

For your business to remain relevant, you need to market it like a celebrity. Also, offer products or services that clients actually want. Reinvent the business, build a social media presence, and market your products like a pro.