How to Maintain a Healthy Personal Life for Busy People

Photo by Felipe Callado on Unsplash

Life can quickly go from 0 to 100, making it seem nearly impossible to adjust to the constantly changing needs of daily life. When you have to think about your love life on top of your daily responsibilities, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and just give up on any hopes of romance. Fortunately, although it might feel like a hopeless situation, the reality is that—with the proper time management techniques—you can manage both your daily responsibilities & your romantic endeavors without too much trouble. Let’s find out how!

Turn to Online Services to Save Time

Taking time out of your already busy schedule to set up another meeting time for a later date is counterproductive. Rather than spending time talking to potential partners face-to-face, save both time & money by using online dating services instead. Going out to bars or clubs in search of a partner is the least effective way to find a match. Although you certainly can find a match this way, you will have wasted hours and blown through a ton of money once you finally reach this point, and there isn’t any way to guarantee the date will go as planned. By using an online dating service, you can get to know a potential match without needing to leave your house, ensure that there aren’t any red flags, and then schedule a date when you have adequate free time.

Try Hooking Up Instead of a Committed Relationship

Unfortunately, real romance requires real investment, both in terms of time & in terms of money. If all that you’re after is a sexual release, consider joining a discreet hookup site instead of a traditional dating service. The singles you’ll meet here share the same goals as you, which means you won’t need to worry about them getting emotionally attached or needy down the road. Instead, you two will simply meet up, have sex, and then be on your merry way!

When it comes to finding hookups online, you’ll need to choose between browser-based services and mobile apps. Each has its own distinct advantages. Browser-based services can be used on any device with an internet connection, generally offer more matchmaking services, and usually have better site functionality overall. On the other hand, what mobile apps lack in features they make up for with convenience. These apps will send you push notifications to ensure you don’t miss private messages, can be used any time you have your phone with you, & are generally free (albeit with limitations on daily activities such as matching with potential partners).

Plan Dates around Your Leisure Interests

If hookups aren’t for you, then you’re going to need to start thinking less in terms of dating and more in terms of a committed marriage. Even if you’re not planning on getting married any time soon, the mental state remains the same! You need to find a way to enjoy time with your partner while also getting some much-needed rest. This is where—if you haven’t already—you & your partner will need to discuss some leisurely activities that you both genuinely enjoy. It can be tempting to opt for what you’d like to do, but this isn’t fair to your partner (this street goes both ways). Find something you both enjoy and plan your dates around this central activity. If time permits, you can add additional activities before or after the main “event”.

Discuss Your Schedules to Choose Convenient Times Periods

If you want to have a high-quality date, then you’ll need to ensure you have enough time to go through the date without feeling rushed. This means you should allocate more time than necessary for your date. For example, if your date should only take around two hours, set aside four hours out of your schedule. This allows you to be “late” up to an hour on either end without negatively impacting the rest of your schedule.

Unfortunately, unless you & your partner share similar work schedules, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to go on dates at the same time every week. If possible, you should ask your employer for your schedule a few weeks out. You can compare this to your partner’s work schedule to find a day when you each have enough free time for a rush-free date. In some cases, staying over at your partner’s house (or vice versa) may allow you enough time to enjoy date night without needing to rush home or off to work. Consider presenting this idea to your partner. It’s important to highlight that you are not trying to impose on their personal space; rather, you are trying to find the most efficient way to manage your time. If you don’t think your partner will take well to this, ask them over to your place instead. It doesn’t matter where you stay: all that matters is that you can spend some stress-free time together. Happy dating!