How To Get Faster Click Rates When Gaming

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

If you want to compete in any of the big PC games, click rate is essential. The phrase “click rate” is most typically connected with games that require the use of a mouse. Click rate is simply a measure of how fast a gamer clicks the mouse, usually in a second. Most ordinary players can only click five or six times per second. Professional E-Sports players have an average click rate of ten to twelve per second, which is regarded as excellent. 14 clicks per second is the highest rate ever recorded. The speed of a gamer is measured in clicks per second.

You may enhance your click speed in a multitude of ways as an aspiring player. This article will show some of the ways to induce your click speed while gaming. The article will also discuss the benefits of using a cps tester.

Some Click Styles To Try Out

Improving your click speed can be achieved by using techniques that accelerate the motion of your muscles. On the internet, there are several tutorials for performing faster in clicking games that include finger muscle spasms. Butterfly and jitter clicking are two of the more famous clicking techniques. Outside of social clicking techniques, there are a few good pointers that can help you improve your clicking. The following is some general advice that can help you click faster:

  • Keep your hand and wrist in a loose grip. Maintaining a relaxed wrist provides for more range of motion and articulation.
  • Use two fingers instead of one. Your click rate will not definitely double as a result of this, but it will significantly rise.
  • When you use a lighter touch, the mouse won’t move around and interfere with your clicking.
  • Keep the mouse as close as possible to your hands to limit the distance your fingers must travel.
  • Purchasing a dedicated gaming mouse may be advantageous because they are built with specific hardware and software for faster click speeds.

The Way You Hold The Mouse is Important

The click rate is affected by both a strong grip and a gentle grip. When you raise the grasp of the click button, the debounce rate increases, and you end up with a slow click.

Instead, attempt to hold the Mouse in a normal or slightly slanted grip. It will reduce debounce time and assist you in making faster mouse clicks.

Place a mouse in a ready-to-use position, place your pointer finger on the left button. Place both fingers near the mouse’s clicking buttons, but not too far away, as this will make clicking the mouse difficult.

Some folks grab the Mouse and slightly apply pressure for clicking before releasing their grip. This practice will help you become more aware at the appropriate times and reduce debounce time.

The link not only provides a way to measure your click speed, but it also contains an article with some advice on how to increase your clicking speed.

Click testing is a good way of improving your click speed. The site also provides data to help you track your progress and improvements.