How to Build Your Personal Brand Like a Celebrity

Photo by Andre Sebastian on Unsplash

Celebrities are powerful people in society. They command attention and enjoy a level of influence most people don’t. But that doesn’t mean they are more special than the rest of us. They simply perfected what they are good at. For instance, the average NBA player is someone who is extremely good at playing basketball. Perhaps that’s the only thing he might be good at. 

Many people tend to trust celebrities and are willing to buy any products they sell or endorse. Back in 2003, Adidas paid a staggering $160 million to David Beckham to promote its products. This led to tremendous success for the German-based sportswear company. You can also attain such success. Here’s what you need to do to build your personal brand like a celebrity.

1. Focus on Building Your Brand First

Building a famous personal brand doesn’t occur overnight. It takes proper planning and strategic implementation. And that’s not all; you must prove your credibility and expertise in your industry and maintain it.

Start by building your name in your locality. It’s easier to get interviews in local radio or TV stations than national ones. Attend interviews and talk about yourself and how you’re helping the community. People love altruistic individuals, and you may become popular because of altruism. Focus on starting small; build your name locally, then nationally, then globally.   

2. Scale Your Personal Brand

Celebrity status doesn’t come easy, you must work for it. Put your energy and resources into the brand to develop it. But first, determine how you want to grow your brand and how you intend to fund the process. How will you use your personal brand? Create a development path for yourself and outline your goals and targets. Start making career moves that are in line with your brand. For example, if you intend to start selling merchandise, you may need funding to make this come true.

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3. Be Everywhere

The more we see something, the more credible it becomes. That’s the simple strategy celebrities use to enhance their personal brands and strike huge deals. Advertise your personal brand and let companies know you’re available for partnerships. 

Write blog posts or hire someone to do it to enhance your popularity. Optimize your content to rank higher on Google and approach big publications and request to write for them. Maintain a strong online presence and update all your social media accounts regularly.

4. Partner with Bigger Brands

Partnering with established and reputable brands in your industry works wonders because it gives you social proof. Think of big brands in your industry and how you can team up to provide value to customers. Forge partnerships that benefit both of you.

You can also partner with bigger personalities to get your name out there. Invite top celebrities to grace your event–like a product launch. You may have to spend a lot of money, but you’ll become more famous.