How Much Does Curacao Online Casino License Cost?

How Much Does Curacao Online Casino License Cost?
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Curacao gambling licence is recognised as both affordable and well-reputed allowing the local and offshore operators to safely progress their business across the global online gambling market. The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority is the online gaming regulator that provides licence to the gambling firms looking to take their business to the next level. This regulatory body is appointed by the Curacao gaming control board and has received authority from the Curacao department of justice to conduct all gaming licences. 

A lot of Curacao online casinos described at are really reputable operators and are available for UK players. Curacao e-Gaming was created in 1996 under the 1993 Online Gaming laws and since 2002, this body has delivered licences to overseas online gambling companies. As this regulator is the largest online gambling licensing jurisdiction on the global level, how much does it cost to get an online gambling licence?

A Gaming Licence of No More Than €20,000

Why Curacao is one of the hottest casino jurisdictions for an online gaming licence with several gambling businesses putting their trust in this gaming control board? The answer resides in the simple and easy registration process with a minimum group of documents allowing the operators to run in the shortest time. The price of the gambling licence varies depending on many factors but the initial price is no more than €20,000 which is obviously quite affordable compared with other casino jurisdictions. 

It is worth mentioning that the companies to operate their businesses remotely are required to host the servers locally to reach the requirements of permanent establishment. The gaming licence should be renewed annually in which the operators are required to pay a fee package of different services including hosting services, firm management, backup storage, casino licence renewal, and other associated charges. By holding a Curacao licence, the operators do not only have an opportunity to open an account at the European bank network but they can smoothly link to every trustworthy payment method dedicated to the online gambling sites.

An Income Tax Up To 2%

An important thing that must take into account is the taxation system applied by the countries. In fact, some regulatory authorities seem to provide casino licences favourably but the tax system related to gambling obliges the operators to pay higher taxes. Fortunately, Curacao offers the lowest income tax up to 2% and a sales tax of 6%. 

To obtain a Curacao licence for online casinos, the laws require the applicants to have a local land-based address and a managing director as these conditions are also included in the licence whole cost. Everything associated with maintenance, the government taxes, and opening a bank account is also added to the tax costs. Additionally, the gambling operators are required to deposit the application fee to obtain and maintain the licence.

How To Provide a Curacao Licence?

In order to legally create and run gambling or casino sites, the regulatory bodies require the applicants to meet certain standards. Obtaining a licence is the paramount condition before developing their businesses. As the gambling industry is highly regulated, the licence not only allows the online gambling firms to operate within a legal framework but also guarantees responsible and safe gambling for the players. 

To receive the operating licence from the Curacao government, several steps must be completed. As stated above, the first step is to build a land-based premise in Curacao and hire a local managing director for an online casino site. Then, after receiving the licence and paying the 2% of all income tax as well as a sales tax of 6%, licensing fees and IP compliance services must also be paid. This process enables the operators to host the gaming servers from Curacao. A set of documents must also be provided to receive a licence from this well-known jurisdiction.


The Curacao e-Gaming licensing body was founded to control the online gaming sites and provide licences to the local and offshore gambling operators. In 2002, this popular authority was appointed to give licences to online gambling operators. Several online casinos and other iGaming sites serve under the license of Curacao jurisdiction guaranteeing the players a safe and fair experience. 

To date, more than four hundred and fifty online gambling and casino operators hold licences and operate within Curacao authority. Several operators have continued to pursue a gaming licence because added to its quick and simple procedure, the licence and taxes costs are also the lowest according to and making this regulator one of the worldwide renowned gaming authorities.