How Do Celebrities Take Care Of Their Homes?

How Do Celebrities Take Care Of Their Homes?
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Most people aspired to live a life of wealth and fame. These days, thanks to social media, the celebrity lifestyle is more accessible than it used to be. With more insight into celebrity lives than ever before, the rich and famous lifestyle that was once so coveted doesn’t sound so appealing anymore. 

Their lives don’t seem as fortunate as we once thought, as we have seen with Britney Spears’s recent conservatorship trial and the very public Will Smith incident at the 2022 Oscar ceremony. 

One thing they do have, though, is what most of us strive for – luxury homes. They can afford to buy and design as many outlandish homes as their bank accounts allow, and all of them require care and attention, just like ours. Take a look at these enviable details about how celebrities take care of their homes.

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Celebrities Have Green Fingers 

What do celebrities know about gardens? About as much as the average Joe or Jane. As a result, they hire the best landscape artists in the city- because they can afford it- and end up creating the most enviably lush and leafy greenery that rival award-winning National Gardens. 

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan relocated to California, it came with a luscious lawn and idyllic garden with tropical plants needing round-the-clock care. Johnny Depp’s flower beds in the South of France need frequent watering. Jenifer Aniston wows her guests with a modern and chic terrace garden that maintains privacy with tall blooming trees. 

Celebrities Hire Cleaners to Do the Chores We Hate

In the sought-after Beverly Hills location, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston hire multiple assistants and a crew of cleaners to do those everyday tasks that most of us find rather mundane. From making the bed to organizing the walk-in closet, celebrities have access to services we can only dream of. 

Their houses are huge, and considering their lives garner so much public interest, celebrity cleaners need to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) to ensure they adhere to confidentiality practices. Celebrities don’t want us to know about their dirty laundry or grimey stovetops. 

Top cleaners receive an annual salary of up to $110,000 a year. And if you could afford to, wouldn’t you hire someone to take care of the minor aspects of running a house while attending exclusive product launches and film premiers? 

Celebrities Have the Best Remodelling Services in Town

In star-studded California, the rich and famous love to buy cars and show them off. And when you’re wealthy with quite a few valuable vehicles in your possession, you don’t want to park them in just any garage. 

From Ralph Lauren who houses his 60+ car collection in a two-story art gallery-like garage to John Travolta who needs practical yet secure space for his car and airplane collections. 

Keeping those expensive cars safe behind expertly crafted garage doors will be the first thing on your mind. Even if you don’t own an expensive car, sometimes it’s worth it to treat yourself to a garage door that’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Celebrities Can Design Their Own Homes

If you won the lottery, most likely one of the first things you’d buy would be a new car right? When A-listers indulge in excessive shopping sprees, this usually involves luxurious and expensive cars so, they need homes to house their lavish car collections.  

How do they do this? They transform their current exteriors to cater to their extreme splurges. Celebrities often live in magnificent homes because they have the resources to hire an architect and interior designer to help them design their perfect retreat. As a result, their homes reflect their personalities, and distinct styles, as well as create a space within which to safely store their valuables. While having the finances to design your ideal home might be just out of reach for many of us, the information found on BH Garage Doors shows the importance of exterior designs that offer luxury for anyone who desires it. While celebrities have help taking care of their homes, we ‘regular folk’ can join in on the fun too. 

Celebrities Need Secure Homes

From Simon Cowell’s mansion to Chris Brown’s crib, celebrity homes are a prime target for burglars looking for luxury items. Many Hollywood stars have had their homes broken into while they were away for the week, and others have had their cars stolen after greedy burglars broke into their garages. 

So what happens when celebrities need to repair their damaged property and secure their assets? They contact B&H Garage Door Repair Los Angeles (424) 230-7018 to prevent the worst from happening again. Consider how celebrities kit their garages if you want to revamp your garage into a more modern and exciting living space.

Celebrities Have Interior Decorators on Speed Dial 

There’s no wonder why high-demand Hollywood interior designs make big bucks. A-listers lust after their talents like bees to honey. Why? Because having the most up-to-date living space means celebrities are one step closer to fashionable influence. 

A huge team of designers was hired by Diane Keaton to create a home affectionately known as the ‘house that Pinterest built’ due to the highly influential style influence it generated. Lenny Kravitz has his own design firm incorporating the most fashionable and unique design methods in town.  

Their privilege gives them the means to change and alter their homes on a whim and while the rest of us may not be able to afford the hottest interior decoration, we can still take inspiration from them. 

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Celebrities: they spend just as much time perfecting their homes as we do. And with award ceremonies and fashion shows to attend, they need all the help they can get to maintain their envious homes. 

The fact that they have the finances to achieve elaborate interiors and secure exteriors doesn’t mean we can’t strive for those luxuries too. All it takes is a little research, a reliable service provider, and a bit of imagination, and we’ll be living just as comfortably as they are.