How Celebrities Influence Online Casino Trends

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As video games become more popular, players can expect to see even more crossover appearances from their favorite celebrities. From athletes to musicians, there are dozens of prime examples of stars making their way into major hit games—from Phil Collins’ appearance in the Grand Theft Auto franchise to Manny Pacquaio’s portrayal in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

But what about casino gaming? Compared to traditional video games, iGaming is a smaller industry. Still, casino games can be found online and at brick-and-mortar establishments all around the world. Unsurprisingly, there are celebrity crossovers within the realm of digital casino games. In addition to appearing in games, famous stars have also influenced their popularity. 

But how do celebrities influence online casino trends? And which types of games have they left their mark on?

Blockbuter Slots

Online casino platforms like Wildz include some of the world’s most popular casino games, from slots to live roulette to blackjack. The goal of any virtual casino is to appeal to as many players as possible—and one way to do that is by offering celebrity-inspired slots. These slots are more recognizable for players who enjoy pop culture, letting them explore famous film projects, fashion statements, and musical trends.

Some of the top blockbuster slots that are influenced by real-life movie franchises and famous characters include Jurassic World, Jumanji, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Ted. Based on these examples, it’s clear that action-adventure titles are also popular. However, comedy hits like Ted are also a popular choice.

In addition to movie projects, slots also focus on music quite a bit. Rock bands from Guns N’ Roses to Jimi Hendrix have all been immortalized in these short-form games. For music buffs, these options are more popular than big-name movies.

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As Seen On…

Slots tend to focus on famous film projects, bringing players a bit closer to the franchises that they love. However, another way that celebrities directly influence casino games is through playing them in hit films. For example, those who saw a blackjack film like 21 or a roulette film like Croupier probably walked away a bit curious about these table games.

Those who enjoyed the performances from Kate Bosworth or Clive Owen, respectively, could easily start playing blackjack and roulette. This lets players step directly into the shoes of the characters portrayed by these popular actors—and also helps introduce them to popular games along the way.

Along with 21 and Croupier, even comedic takes like The Hangover can inspire curiosity for viewers. In fact, The Hangover’s blackjack scenes were directly inspired by another casino hit film, which helped curry interest in blackjack around the world: Rain Man.  

Celeb Sightings

Lastly, one way that celebrities influence casino games is by simply enjoying them. After all, fans of huge celebrities will go to almost any lengths to gain a more insightful perspective on their favorite stars. They want to know what they like, what they dislike, which brands they wear, and what their hobbies are—casino gaming included.

Some celebrities are more well-known for their casino forays than others. Ben Affleck, for example, has been sighted at blackjack tables in places like Las Vegas and Monaco. The actor is known for being a solid player, too. The same goes for his favorite colleague in Hollywood, Matt Damon. Given their popularity as individuals and a duo, it’s no surprise that their interest in blackjack has influenced other players.

Music star Drake also has a reputation for casino gaming based on his frequent trips to Las Vegas. Though he’s primarily known for placing large bets on title fights, he’s also been seen around casino floors in Vegas, playing slots, blackjack, and more.


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