How Can You Show That Special Somone You Really Like them?

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

When you really like someone. The simplest way to show it is, to be honest. Be honest with yourself, be honest with them, and be honest with how you feel. The closer you can get to expressing how genuine you are, the better off you will be.

Let me explain. Everyone has had that someone in their life that they felt a certain kind of way for. That special guy or gal that just pulled on your ol’ heart strings. However, I would reckon most people also have a hard time bringing those feelings out into the world.

Maybe you are in school still, and you see them around in classes. Maybe they are a good friend of yours that you caught feelings for. Maybe you are even dating, but you find yourself choking up when you think about saying something deeper to them.

All of this is perfectly normal. It can be tough opening ourselves up to be vulnerable. You may worry about getting hurt, or perhaps hurting the other person. All of this can make someone who has the words “I love you!” scream to be let out of their throat but can’t.

You are simply caught up in the “what if…” of it all like a worried poker player on Intertops Casino bonus with a straight flush thinking about what the other player might have in their hand that could make them look the fool.

But, much like sometimes to win big you gotta put your faith in what you got, sometimes you just need to take that leap of faith to start. To realize that it is okay to express to that person exactly how you feel about them.

But, let’s say you are still at a loss for how to show someone you really care about them. Here are some ideas that could maybe help you get started on your journey. These are good for anyone who wants to express their feelings, not just for someone trying for the first time.

Just Say It

I’m going to be honest. There is not really a better way to express how you feel about them than to simply be in front of them, face to face, and simply tell them earnestly how you feel about them.

You might worry, “what if they think I’m being silly or they don’t think I’m serious…?” Well. The trick is to be confident and take yourself seriously. If you take what you say seriously, and say it in a serious way, then other people will take it seriously too.

So, just sit the person down and tell them. Look them in the eyes, and say honestly how you feel about them. Don’t exaggerate, don’t try to impress them, just be genuine. Speak from your heart and they will feel that. Being genuine and honest is more important than anything.

And, if they say they don’t feel the same way, then that’s okay. Know you tried your best and had the confidence to take a shot. On the contrary, if they are someone you are dating or in a relationship with and they respond in a negative way, then that’s also something to take note of.

This person is someone you are thinking about possibly being with for the rest of your life. You are dating them, so you see them as a possible option for marriage. However, if you can see they don’t accept you like you except and cherish them, it’s a sign to move on.

Life is shorter than you think. Minutes can seem excruciatingly long when waiting for a bus to come, but then 6 months flies by faster than you can realize and suddenly the world seems much bigger and more ancient than you could ever be.

My point is, sometimes you have to look for the signs to move on. Even if you have deep feelings for someone, sometimes what’s best is to actually not express them. Instead, keep them for someone who will truly appreciate them, and you, for what they are.

Little Things

I find that when it comes to how someone makes you feel, or how you can make someone else feel, the real test is in the little things. It’s easy for anyone to do the big things. Buy you a gift, talk the love talk, compliment you on oh how wonderful you look in that dress/suit.

However, the moments that can make someone feel the most loved are the little things. Telling them goodnight and good morning like you mean it. Sending them a text throughout the day just to see what’s up.

The way you look at them. People can see when how you feel is really sincere, or if you are just in it to be in a relationship or something. When someone really loves someone they will notice the little things, and they will help with the little things.

My point is, it’s better to find ways to express how you feel by doing lots of little things for that person all the time, then a couple of big things every so often. Well, the best would be to do both, but you get my point.

Love isn’t something that comes and goes in waves. If it does for you, then you probably aren’t in love. Love is a slow burn. An ever-present flame that compels you to want to do things for that person because they are them, and you love them.

So, give them food, compliment them on things they feel insecure about, show them you care about them even when they don’t very much care for themselves. Simply send them a heart when you text goodnight. Remind them how you feel, and be there for them.

Sometimes, you won’t know what those little things you can do are until you are in the moment that you should do them. So, just keep an eye out. And try your best to help them feel loved. Believe me, they will notice and appreciate you for it.