Hot Glue Gun: The Most Popular Makeup Tool on TikTok

– TikTok users are experimenting with a new beauty trend called hot glue makeup, which involves creating unique eye and face decals using hot glue guns.
– Influencers are forming shapes such as zig-zags, half-moons, stars, circles, and adding colorful chrome or shimmer shadows for added effect.
– Other popular TikTok beauty trends include the “W” blush technique, glazed donut nails, skin cycling, and manga lashes, but there are potential risks associated with some of these trends such as bleaching eyebrows or using menstrual blood on skin.

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TikTok has done it again! Its latest beauty trend is the hot glue makeup, with more than 14.3 million views. Content creators are using hot glue guns to create unique eye and face decals. The idea, popularized by user @cutcreaser, is to squeeze the hot glue onto a flat, stainless surface, and form shapes such as zig-zags, half-moons, stars, and circles. Once the glue dries down, it is peeled off, lash glue is applied to the design, and then stuck onto the face or body.

To up the ante, many TikTokers are rubbing colorful chrome or shimmer shadows to their designs, giving their looks a pop of color. Vanessa, aka @cutcreaser, shared her step-by-step process with the technique, advising users to create their designs using a light hand, and to apply pressure where they want it thick, releasing the trigger slowly to get a thinner shape. According to Vanessa, this trend takes time, so users should be patient with themselves; it’s supposed to be fun.

The hot glue makeup trend, which is taking TikTok by storm, was originally inspired by Disney+’s Mandalorian. Vanessa was inspired to create this graphic makeup look after the release of Mandalorian, and other content creators, such as Elaine Corredor, have showcased similar styles. The finished look is something we could see on Jules (Hunter Schafer) in Euphoria. Vanessa is completely shocked by the response to these looks.

In addition to the hot glue makeup trend, TikTok has seen several other beauty trends. The dotted hack was one of TikTok’s most useful techniques, as it not only saves time and feels weightless on the skin, but it also does not waste makeup. The Manga Lashes trend played up anime characters’ eyes, while the “W” blush makeup hack allowed users to get a sun-kissed glow without ever having to step foot outside. Finally, skin-cycling is another beneficial trend worth implementing into your skincare routine, with New York-based dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe recommending a four-night skincare schedule.