Hearing Miley Cyrus’s New Single “Used to Be Young” Brings Nostalgia as She Reflects on Her Early Years

– Miley Cyrus reflects on her early years and discusses the influence her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, had on her music career.
– Miley shares that her outlook on fame and success differs from her father’s, as she was always made to feel like a star, whereas he felt emotionally impacted by a large audience.
– Miley expresses gratitude for her father’s belief in her ability to bring hope to the world, as it became a reality in her life.

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Title: Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Her Father’s Influence and the Meaning Behind “Used to Be Young”

In a recent interview series titled “Used to Be Young,” Miley Cyrus delves into her early experiences, reflecting on her upbringing and the profound influence her father, renowned country singer and former “Hannah Montana” co-star Billy Ray Cyrus, had on her life. As the release date for her new single looms closer, the former Disney Channel star takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane to explore the origins of her musical journey.

In a captivating TikTok video shared on August 27, Miley immerses herself in the world of country music from the year of her birth in 1992. She highlights the fact that her father’s hit song, “Achy Breaky Heart,” clinched the top spot on the country charts during that time. For Miley, examining the numerical rankings reveals a deeper connection – people bonded by their love for music. The distinction lies in how Miley’s perspective on fame differs from her father’s, shaped by contrasting childhood experiences.

While Miley grew up being made to feel like a star, her father’s upbringing was vastly different. Miley expresses her belief that his emotional connection with a massive audience impacted him more profoundly than it ever could her. When Billy Ray feels special or important, it serves as a balm, healing a childhood wound. This stark contrast between their relationships with fame became a source of emotional significance for Miley, leading to a heartfelt admission and tearful reflection.

In another snippet, Miley shares a heartwarming memory of her younger self, no more than 5 or 6 years old, captivated by her father’s musical prowess. She recalls absorbing the musical nuances, watching intently as her father’s voice and instrumental abilities seamlessly harmonized. Miley passionately asserts that her father’s vocal talents were underappreciated, acknowledging the profound impact her father’s musicality had on her own development.

In a separate TikTok post from the same day, Miley refers to an old news segment where Billy Ray discusses his marriage to Tish (likely from around 1993). He conveys his belief that Miley, then known as Destiny Hope, was destined to bring hope to the world, affectionately dubbing it the “Cyrus virus.” Miley expresses profound gratitude that her father projected such positive energy into the universe before she could fully comprehend its meaning. This became a reality that shaped her journey and defined her purpose.

These interview clips surface amidst speculation surrounding unrest within the Cyrus family, particularly surrounding Billy Ray and Tish’s ongoing divorce after 28 years of marriage. Although it remains unknown whether this has caused any division among the siblings, it is evident that Miley still holds her father in the highest regard, despite social media nuances.

As Miley Cyrus gears up for the release of her new single, “Used to Be Young,” she embraces her past and its indelible influence on her present musical journey. These intimate revelations leave fans eagerly anticipating her latest release, while also shedding light on the enduring bond between a legendary father and his accomplished daughter.


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