Hayley Erbert, Derek Hough’s Wife, Reveals Her Skull Surgery Scar

“Man, it’s been a wild ride,” the Dancing With the Stars judge confessed in the video. “From cloud nine to rock bottom, you know?”

He paused, then continued. “But this woman, she’s been something else. Unbelievable, really.”

He spoke of her perseverance, her acceptance of the situation. “Her strength,” he said, “it’s something to behold. It’s been a privilege to witness it firsthand.”

“She’s a miracle, that’s what she is.” His voice softened. “Everything that’s happened, it’s been miraculous. But we’re still on this journey, you know?”

He thanked their supporters, his gratitude palpable. “I’m just so thankful for everybody. And for her, for being so incredible and impressing me each day.”

Want to know more about Derek and Hayley’s love story? Well, you’ll have to keep reading for that.