Have The Best Night In: Fun Things for Couples to Do at Home

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

While a Netflix binge is a mandatory part of indoor dates, sometimes it’s a good idea to switch things up and do something unconventional together once in a while. 

For some inspiration, here are a few suggestions to get your ideas for at-home activities flowing.

Game Together

With a device, games console, or PC available to use at home, couples could consider gaming together.

Gaming is one of the best ways for couples to strengthen their relationships. 

For instance, the game Portal 2 requires players to work together to complete a range of puzzles. 

Whereas survivalist games such as 7 Days to Die, requires players to band together and use teamwork and their available resources to stay alive.

In other instances, couples can exercise their competitive side by playing online poker, an all-time favorite casino game.


Another way couples can spend time boosting the quality of their relationship is by working out together. 

Studies reveal couples who exercise together are more likely to have a better connection with their partner and feel happy in their relationship.

Couples can find a workout video that suits their athletic abilities and interests on platforms such as Youtube. 

Simply type in ‘couples workouts’ into the search bar, and you’ll find plenty of fun, equipment-free challenging workouts to try with each other.

Home Spa

Daily stressors can impact anyone’s relationships and result in misunderstandings and unnecessary arguments.

But, sometimes, finding the time to unwind also has its challenges. Particularly when, for example, work, studying, and completing errands consumes such a large portion of people’s lives.

If this sounds like you and your other half, it may be worth planning and making a mini spa at home. This way, couples can combine the need for relaxation with spending quality time together in one sitting.

Here are some quick tips for changing your abode into a spa retreat.

  • Light some scented candles
  • Dress in soft robes and slippers
  • Turn on relaxing spa music
  • Turn off mobiles and devices
  • Make healthy smoothies and fruit salads to snack on 
  • Book a mobile masseuse for a couples massage
  • Hire an inflatable hot tub


Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Rather than eating indoors, you could take a picnic on to the balcony or into the garden.

Couples can prepare sandwiches, cakes, and juice to enjoy outside on a blanket if the weather is warm. Or otherwise, serve up some hot snacks such as hot wings and pasta, and turn on the outdoor heater if it’s chilly. 

Slight changes to where couples eat together at home can make your time spent together more enjoyable. 

Play Fight

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the seriousness of life, especially as we get older. But it’s so important to keep the playfulness in a relationship alive. One way couples can do this is by play fighting.

Duos can boost adrenaline, release endorphins, and enjoy falling around in fits of laughter, by, for instance, indulging in a pillow fight or a water fight.

Play fighting can help couples relieve stress and feel happier. But it’s essential to be mindful of each other’s boundaries and only continue playing if both are having fun.

Dream and Make Plans Together

While spending time at home together, couples could chat about their bucket lists and where and what they’d like to do or achieve together in the future. 

Here are a few suggestions of topics couples might want to discuss and make plans for later on.

  • Discuss and book exciting joint bucket list activities you both want to do, such as going on a safari, tandem skydiving, or entering a couples dance competition
  • Plan a holiday away to a dream destination
  • Talk about moving in together, or what kind of home you want to live in later on.
  • Chat about whether you do or don’t want to have pets or children
  • Plan to create a business together

Double Date

Photo by Andie Venzl from Pexels

Take your love life up a notch and mix things up with a double date at home. Inviting other couples to spend time with you both could help your relationship keep the spark alive.

Plus, with two more people in tow, couples can enjoy an array of different activities. Such as board games which tend to be better with more people, like ludo, monopoly, twister, and charades.

Who said you have to leave the house or spend a fortune to have an awesome time?

The ideas above show there’s plenty of ways to have the best night in. And don’t forget each idea can be combined and adjusted to suit your style and interests. You can even find fun ways to keep your kids busy while at home, so you can have more opportunities to spend some valuable one on one time with your significant other. 

So be it cooking up a feast to eat in the garden and sitting on a picnic blanket to discuss dreams and future plans, or going head to head with another couple in an online game such as Mario Kart. 

Trying out new ways to enjoy each other’s company at home is an excellent way to keep your connection strong, healthy, and exciting.