Hannah Waddingham Shares the Impact and Magic of “Ted Lasso” on Her Acting Career

– Hannah Waddingham spoke about how “Ted Lasso” helped her overcome insecurities about her height as an actor.
– Casting Waddingham as one of the show’s leads despite her height was a rare and unique situation in the entertainment industry.
– Waddingham mentioned that she maintains a close friendship with the “Ted Lasso” cast, but will miss playing her character, Rebecca Welton.

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Title: Hannah Waddingham Opens Up About the Impact of “Ted Lasso” on Her Career

Hannah Waddingham, renowned actress best known for her roles in “Ted Lasso” and “Game of Thrones,” recently appeared on “The View” to discuss the profound impact of the hit series on her acting career. During the interview, Waddingham revealed how “Ted Lasso” helped her overcome a long-standing insecurity as an actress – her height. At 5’11”, Waddingham had often struggled due to her stature, facing rejections in the past as her tallness posed a challenge when paired with shorter male co-stars. However, “Ted Lasso” presented a unique and refreshing change for her.

Amidst relaying her experiences, Waddingham shared a heartwarming anecdote about how co-star Jason Sudeikis had embraced her height, regardless of how it affected the dynamic between their characters. Sudeikis made it clear he was not bothered by her towering presence, declaring, “I don’t care if she wears four-inch heels. Let’s do it.” This acceptance and support were novel and empowering for Waddingham, who was 45 when she joined the show. In an industry notorious for age and appearance discrimination against women, this casting decision elevated her confidence and represented a pivotal moment in her career.

Beyond the on-screen chemistry, Waddingham also revealed the enduring friendships she forged with her “Ted Lasso” co-stars. She expressed her gratitude for being part of a group where genuine connections were formed, transcending the typically transient nature of showbiz relationships. The actress emphasized how their bond was deeper and would extend far beyond the show’s conclusion. However, she admitted her struggle with the fact that her character, Rebecca Welton, would cease to exist outside the show—a challenging reality she was grappling with at present.

This appearance on “The View” arrives on the heels of Waddingham’s hosting gig at Eurovision, Europe’s esteemed annual song competition, where she showcased her versatility and undeniable charm. Keeping her schedule packed, she already has several exciting projects lined up for the coming years, including a collaboration with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in “The Fall Guy,” as well as roles in the highly anticipated “Garfield” movie and “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part Two.”

For a more intimate insight into Waddingham’s life, viewers are encouraged to watch the full interview above. The talented actress delves deeper into her cherished friendships with the “Ted Lasso” cast, her personal life, and her unforgettable journey on the beloved series “Game of Thrones.”