Golden Bachelor Gerry & Theresa Plan to Honor Late Spouses at Their Wedding

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are about to step into a new chapter of their lives. They’re setting off on a lifelong journey as husband and wife. But they won’t forget the ones who hold a permanent place in their hearts.

The couple from “The Golden Bachelor” have a special plan for their upcoming wedding. They want to pay tribute to their late spouses, Toni and Billy. This is their way of keeping their memories alive.

Theresa spilled the beans during an exclusive interview with E! News. “We’ll definitely bring them up during the wedding,” she said. She even has a song in mind that Billy loved, and they might choose one for Toni too.

They haven’t penned their vows yet. But Theresa has every intention of weaving their memories into her vows. “We’ll be thinking about them the whole day,” she adds. It’s a sweet gesture, isn’t it?

But here’s the thing. They’re still clutching onto the feeling of being in unions that lasted decades. Theresa, now 70, and Gerry, 72, acknowledge that they’re in a different phase of life compared to when they married their high school sweethearts back in ’72.

So, this time, saying “I do” carries a fresh significance for them. It’s a different ball game altogether.