CelebritiesNewsGet to Know "School Spirits" Star Milo Manheim in Our Q&A Series

Get to Know “School Spirits” Star Milo Manheim in Our Q&A Series

1. Milo Manheim stars in the new Paramount+ series “School Spirits,” playing a deceased ’80s jock who helps investigate the end of a teenage ghost’s life.

2. Manheim found inspiration for his character from classic ’80s movies and music such as “Say Anything” and The Romantics’s “What I Like About You.”

3. Manheim’s biggest personal goal is to “enjoy the moment” and be more present in life, and he admits his first celebrity crush was Selena Gomez.

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In the latest POPSUGAR Crush interview series, fans get to know the more intimate details of their favorite celebrities and this month, it’s actor Milo Manheim taking the hot seat. In the new Paramount+ series, “School Spirits,” Manheim plays Wally, a deceased high school jock who is trapped in the afterlife with a handful of other ghosts. While seemingly content with his football glory days, he is forced to join the newest teenage ghost in investigating who is responsible for ending her life in the first few episodes of the show.

Manheim admittedly wasn’t around for the decade his character lives in, but he found inspiration through classic movies like 1989’s “Say Anything,” music like Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” and The Romantics’s “What I Like About You.” During filming, he and the cast lived in the same building, which led to a familial atmosphere among the group. The actor admits he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does believe in energy and is currently binge-watching “The Last of Us” and “Physical: 100.”

In terms of self-care, Manheim enjoys spending time with loved ones and watching movies on his time off. His go-to coffee order includes double espressos with un poquito leche, and he reveals his first celebrity crush was Selena Gomez, who he’s talked to once at the Kids Choice Awards. When it comes to first dates, Manheim prefers a nice dinner followed by ice cream and a view to get to know the person better. His biggest turn-on is a mix of humor and kindness, while his biggest turnoff is treating people poorly.

Moving into his personal goals, Manheim seeks to enjoy the moment and be more present, stating that as an actor, it’s a superpower to live in the now and stretch it out. By taking in every moment, he believes life becomes slower and more memorable, which is something he wants to achieve for the rest of his life. Fans can catch Manheim in “School Spirits” on Paramount+.

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