Get to Know “Never Have I Ever” Actor Michael Cimino: From His First Celebrity Crush to His Dream Role

– Michael Cimino was not an avid viewer of “Never Have I Ever” until he joined the cast in its fourth and final season, but he had previously known fellow cast member Darren Barnet for a long time.
– Cimino welcomed the challenge of portraying the “hot bad boy” character of Ethan, which is very different from his “Love, Victor” character who is closer to his own personality.
– Though he missed out on joining the cast’s group chat, Cimino is excited for his next acting gig, which he describes as a dream job that combines many of his passions.

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Michael Cimino, the star of “Never Have I Ever”, is featured in this month’s POPSUGAR Crush series. Cimino plays Ethan in “Never Have I Ever”, where he portrays a bad boy character that is different from his previous roles. Although he was not an avid viewer of the show before boarding it last year, Cimino impressed Mindy Kaling with his audition tape and secured a role in the final season. Despite missing out on joining the cast’s group chat, Cimino bonded with his on-screen love interest, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, by playing Super Smash Bros on set.

Cimino also reveals details about his unconventional high school experience, where he completed his studies online while driving back and forth from Las Vegas to California for auditions. Although he missed out on attending prom and having a graduation ceremony, his early graduation and move to LA allowed him to have the wildest high school formative years he could have imagined. He also shares his signature scent, dating red and green flags, and his idea of a perfect date.

In addition, Cimino hints at a dream job that combines many of his passions, which he is excited to share with the world. He describes “Never Have I Ever” as a fast-paced experience compared to his previous work on “Love, Victor”, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. Although he felt like the new kid on set, Cimino was welcomed by the cast who made it easy for him to feel comfortable.