Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist Recreate Their Rosy Journey

Theresa took a moment during their vows to look back. She fondly remembered their first date, a mix of excitement and nerves. It started with a drive in a vintage convertible, a bit unnerving, but thrilling. Then they shared a simple meal of milkshake and fries, a memory that still brought a smile to her face.

“We laugh until we cry,” she confessed, a hint of laughter in her voice. Life hadn’t always been easy. They’d faced numerous challenges, including a terrifying brush with death on a California freeway. But through it all, they’d found joy.

“I promise to be your calm in the storm,” she vowed, her voice steady. But she wasn’t just promising to be there in the tough times. “Most of all,” she added, “I promise to have fun for the rest of the days we have left on this earth.”

Gerry, on his part, was equally emotional. “I know I’ve found a full partner,” he declared, his voice filled with conviction. He was ready to share everything life had to offer, the good and the bad.

“I promise that if you’re my partner in life,” he continued, his voice trailing off for a moment. Then he finished with a flourish, “I will make you the happiest woman on earth.”

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