Gerry & Theresa Not the Only Newlyweds in Bachelor Nation

Winners and losers, we’ve got ’em all. Some folks, they’re just born to belt out the blues. But when the clock strikes 8 p.m. this Thursday, January 4th, Gerry Turner and his soon-to-be wife Theresa Nist are set to show the world they were spot on in holding onto that spark. That spark that ignited during their first solo date on The Golden Bachelor, the older, wiser cousin of the original show.

Their wedding bells will chime on The Golden Wedding. The ceremony will be officiated by none other than Susan Noles, a standout from the series. Gerry, a 72-year-old retired restaurant owner, and Theresa, a senior compliance and operations liaison, are eagerly anticipating their shared future. “We’re looking forward to just enjoying life together,” Theresa, 70, spilled the beans to E! News in an exclusive pre-wedding interview.

Building a home together, filling it with furniture, even mundane tasks like buying a bed – it’s all part of the thrill for them. They’re all about savoring their shared moments. And boy, could they use a breather. They’ve been through the wringer, figuring out if they were both in it for the right reasons.

Gerry, ever the confident groom-to-be, doesn’t foresee any unexpected twists or turns. “There’s not going to be any surprises, I don’t think, between Theresa and I,” he told E! News. He pointed out that they’d both learned the ins and outs of effective communication in their previous marriages. So, it seems, they’ve got this love thing down to a science.