Funny Stories Of Famous Actors From Their College Years

Funny Stories Of Famous Actors From Their College Years
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

College life is full of fun. That’s why it’s the most remembered phase of life for most actors. It’s a life full of hard work, enjoyment, heartbreaks and victories. For most students, first-year students can often be confusing.

These are the moments you make decisions and be like; I’m the one who did this. And just like any other student, most famous actors had the same experiences as other college students. Below are funny stories of famous actors from their college years.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is one of the celebrities who graduated college on the campus of Brown University. A professor would hand over lecture material and ask a question in class. Nobody would volunteer, so they would call Emma, who answered the question correctly. As the professor made some affirming comments, someone in the back would yell out, “TEN POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR.” Everyone in the class would then burst into laughter. She would then laugh along and take it good-naturedly. Of course, it’s good to read before the other students as she did.

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Elizabeth Banks

At college, almost everyone tries out something new to satisfy their curiosity. And that’s exactly what Elizabeth Banks did during her college years. She freaked out the first time she saw a male stripper. Welll, it wasn’t a pretty thing. According to her, she called the stripper to her sorority house in college. The stripper removed all his clothes, forcing Elizabeth Banks to leave the room.

But guess what! What bothered her greatly was the stripper left his socks on. Just imagine running out of your house, and you are the one who is called the stripper! That clearly shows how most campus students can’t handle the funny experiences they wish to have. So, be careful to pay for something that won’t freak you out and make you run out of the show the next time you try something new. 

Brooklyn Beckham

If you are doing a research project on celebrities, then Brooklyn Beckham would be on your top list. He is one of the actors who went to college and had no typical freshman experience. Brooklyn Beckham started college at Parsons School of Design in New York City. The most interesting part of his story is the “fangirls” at the school. Brooklyn said that he liked people from the school, but he struggled to deal with these girls. Sometimes he had to be like; I’m going to be with you for four years, so chill.”

After some time, he realized that he had some certain level of celebrity. So, these “fangirls” will never stop approaching him for photos. He explains that they listen and understand him very well. But it seems like a shock to most of them for being in the same school as him. Ultimately, he had to be okay with everything they did.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is one of the great people with degrees. The most interesting part of his story is that he would never be allowed to sit next to Bosch. He is one of the friends who, no matter what setting, never fails to crack up. And you know how this dynamic always spells disaster in a classroom. Whenever Bosch sat next to Adam Sandler, he always laughed during the lecture.

So, whenever the professor at NYU saw them sitting together, he would separate them before starting the lecture. And every student would be looking at them and laughing. Perhaps, this seemed like what would have happened to third-grade students. Fortunately, the professor was right. Otherwise, none of them would have paid attention enough to grasp the concepts being taught.

Jon Hamm

If you have thought of crazy things to do at college, I guess you have tried what Jon Hamm did. He expected the students to act like they were in gross-out college comedy. Jon Hamm is involved in a love triangle with his great friend Paul. Just imagine two friends trying to fall in love with a single girl!

The funny thing about their relationship is that Paul would bring this girlfriend, who happened to be Jon’s ex. One day, a rival started when they were playing a match of trivial pursuit. Jon Hamm felt so lame before his ex because he would get it wrong every time. Feeling ashamed of being unable to get it right, they would start arguing and drag the girl into the issue. They would then begin to fight over the girl again. Just behaving exactly like toddlers during their college years.


College life is the most memorable phase of life for most people. At college, you meet new people and have new experiences that give you a unique taste of life. Each point discussed above represents some of the funny stories of famous actors from their college years. It’s normal for college life to be full of fun, especially now that you are interacting with great thinkers from all over the world.