Former Flames White and Timlin Reunite in 2008 Movie “Afterschool”

1. White and Timlin were reunited during the filming of “Afterschool” when they were both 17.
2. White was initially angry about having to do a chemistry read with Timlin.
3. The pair later briefly lived together when they were 18 and filming “Afterschool”.

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Sometimes fate has a way of bringing people back into each other’s lives, as was the case for actors Addison Timlin and Anton Yelchin White. The two first met as teenagers, and despite having a tumultuous relationship, went their separate ways. However, they were reunited when they were cast in the 2008 movie “Afterschool” alongside Ezra Miller. In a recent interview with “Showmance,” Timlin spoke of the serendipitous nature of their reunion, stating that “The universe never really let us separate.”

Initially, White was less thrilled at the prospect of working with Timlin again. In fact, when he found out that he would have to do a chemistry read with his former flame, he was “so mad at the director.” White admits that he had a lot of anger towards Timlin at the time but eventually came to realize that their previous relationship didn’t need to interfere with their professional interactions.

Despite their complicated past, the two actors formed a strong bond on the set of “Afterschool.” They even lived together briefly when they were both 18 years old. And while Timlin acknowledges that their relationship wasn’t always easy, she says that they were “in love with each other in a way that’s really unique.”

Sometimes our paths in life seem to criss-cross unexpectedly, leading to a reunion with someone from our past. For Timlin and White, their shared journey over the years has only strengthened their connection, ultimately leading to a much better understanding of themselves and each other.