Exploring Miles Teller & Keleigh Sperry’s Popular Love Story on TikTok

“He knew all the facts. He even knew how many nominations Whiplash had,” Teller quipped. “It was just funny to me.” There’s a certain charm in his burgeoning fame. He and Sperry enjoyed a relatively private courtship, unlike those actors who are always in the limelight.

But, you know, the best love stories are the ones filled with cute anecdotes. Like that time in April 2016 when he tweeted he was dating “the one person who has never seen Titanic.” Kinda funny, right?

And then there’s this. “She’ll ask me to do something, I’ll say, ‘What?’ and she’ll say, ‘For the last father-f–king time, can you grab me, the da-da-da,'” Teller shared on Starting 9. “I mean, she’s a sweetheart, she just loves quoting J.K. Simmons to me.”

And Sperry? When she’s not making Teller relive the horror of Simmons’ Oscar-winning performance as his mercilessly demanding music teacher in Whiplash, she’s there, making his life run as smoothly as possible.