Exploring Leighton Meester & Adam Brody’s Highly Private Love Story

“She called the term ‘stupid’,” she clarified. “A guy who treats you poorly or cheats? What’s that about?”

“Presently,” Meester continued, “I approach relationships with more maturity. I’ve ditched the nonsense.” She’s more focused on the positives than the negatives. Her ideal man is someone she can admire.

She kept mum on whether she was currently in love, but appreciated the inquiry.

“I’ve not had many relationships, but I’ve experienced love,” she confessed. “There’s this unexplainable connection. You just can’t help but gaze at the person.” Love at first sight wasn’t her thing. She was cautious about saying ‘I love you’ too soon. To her, it signified a commitment with no end in sight.

Truth be told, she’d never envisioned a relationship without an end.

In a later interview with British Glamour, she admitted, “I tend to lose interest. My love affairs have been fleeting.” She didn’t mince words, adding, “To be honest, I’ve despised every boyfriend I’ve had.” She didn’t want a boyfriend unless there was a potential for a lifelong commitment. So far, that hadn’t been her luck.