Exploring Gigi Hadid’s Deep Relationship with Bradley Cooper

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a Cooper cameo on Hadid’s Instagram. She used to share snippets of her relationship with Malik, but that ended in 2021. Hadid, the face of Miu Miu and Maybelline, knew she was in a no-win situation.

She once told British Vogue, “If I post what I think would be normal to post with your boyfriend then the comments are, ‘It’s extra’, ‘it’s forced’, ‘it’s fake.'” That was back in 2018.

Then, there’s the flip side. If she doesn’t post enough, people start questioning their relationship. “They’re not really together,” they’d say. It’s a constant battle for her.

But she’s got a strategy. She does what feels right to her, and she does it with integrity. Her hope? That people will see the authenticity in it. She just wants her followers to see that it’s real.


Mia Scott
Mia Scott
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