Eva Mendes Demonstrates Why Ryan Gosling is More Than Just a Ken Doll

Eva Mendes is all about the viral buzz. She’s totally smitten with a certain reaction that’s been making the rounds on the internet.

Ryan Gosling, her longtime beau, is the star of this viral moment. It’s all about his gobsmacked reaction to “I’m Just Ken,” a power ballad he crooned in the movie Barbie. The song snagged the Best Original Song award at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards.

Eva couldn’t resist chiming in. She shared a gif of Ryan’s priceless reaction on Jan. 15. Her caption? “I LOVE HIM!!!!” Short, sweet, and to the point.

But Eva wasn’t the only one showering Ryan with affection. Hannah Waddingham, the star of Ted Lasso, also had something to say. She was all praise, commenting, “So brilliant!”

The Jan. 14 award show had another Gosling fan in the mix. Mark Ronson, the music producer who co-wrote the song with Andrew Wyatt, was all praise for Ryan. He made it clear that Ryan’s charm and talent played a big part in the song’s success.

“Ryan Gosling, this is as much your award as ours,” he declared in his acceptance speech. His words were heartfelt: “You made the audience fall in love with this song with your matchless performance, so thank you.”

Eva, who’s 49 now, has always been a bit private about her relationship with Ryan. She’s even told fans that she won’t be joining him for red carpet events. But that doesn’t mean she’s not his biggest cheerleader. She’s made it clear on social media that she’s his No. 1 fan.