Emma Chamberlain Clarifies Denial of Allegations Regarding Sale of Personal DMs for $10,000

Emma Chamberlain denies allegations that she was selling personalized Instagram DMs to fans for $10,000 on her merch website, which she claims was an online scam. Her merch website is currently under construction. Her podcast Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain is growing in popularity and she is focusing on discussing more complicated topics, such as morality and philosophical subjects.

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Emma Chamberlain, a content creator, has denied allegations that she was selling personalized DMs to fans for $10,000 on her merch website. An alleged screenshot of the DMs for sale was posted on Twitter on March 18, and the news went viral. Many fans slammed Chamberlain for trying to make money off of them. The content creator has since clarified that the allegations are not true.

Emma reached out to the company behind her merch website to look deeper into the matter. Cozack, her merch company, disclosed that in 2018, they created an outrageous but never activated reward level that was not intended to be active or purchased. These rewards were for internal testing purposes only and were never meant to be available for sale or reward. Cozack suspected that data was activated and discovered by an individual who then began spreading false information to the media.

Emma has been on the grind with her beverage business Chamberlain Coffee and her podcast Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain. She views her own podcast as a space for serious conversation and is excited to dig into deeper topics as she grows up. Chamberlain is not just a content creator but also an entrepreneur, and other career ventures outside of her merch website are open for enjoyment.

With the internet’s tendency to create false narratives around sensationalized stories, Cozack wanted to provide the truth firsthand and from the source to counter the false allegations against Chamberlain. The company believes that their test program was never discoverable on the main page or product listing site, which is another reason Emma had no knowledge of this. Emma’s merch website is currently under construction.