Elyse Myers, TikToker, Welcomes Second Baby After Giving Birth

– Comedian Elyse Myers and her husband Jonas Myers have welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Oliver.
– Elyse, who gained fame on TikTok for her honest and hilarious storytelling, first announced her pregnancy with a themed video based on the TV series ‘The Office’.
– The pregnancy announcement video attracted attention from fans and even the official Instagram account of ‘The Office’, with actress Jenna Fischer congratulating the couple.

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Hey, have you heard? Elyse Myers, the comedian, has a new bundle of joy. And no, it’s not a hundred Taco Bell tacos.

She and her husband, Jonas Myers, are already parents to a 2-year-old son named August. But now, they’ve welcomed their second baby. Elyse confirmed the family’s newest addition on social media. She shared photos with their baby boy and captioned the Sept. 13 post, “We love you so much, Oliver.”

Jonas couldn’t help but gush over his wife and sons in the comments. “Elyse is a superhero,” he wrote. “Oliver is a breath of life, August is a legend who can’t wait to meet him, and I am thrilled for all the Team Meyers sunsets.”

Elyse hosts the “funny cuz it’s true” podcast and rose to fame on TikTok. She’s known for her honest and always hilarious storytelling. In fact, she first shared that she and Jonas were expecting back in February. And the pregnancy announcement? Unforgettable.

They made an “The Office” themed pregnancy announcement starring her and her husband. The video was based on the series’ episode, “Local Ad.”

“It all starts with two people, but you can never tell where those people will end up,” Elyse could be saying in a voiceover in the Feb. 24 clip. “People fall in love, they change, they grow and then sometimes they have babies. And then babies become their whole world. And in a fast-moving world where good news moves at the speed of time, and bad news isn’t always what it seems. Because when push comes to shove, people deserve the chance to score.”

Just like the episode, the video saw a piece of paper being relayed to and from Elyse and Jonas. The 29-year-old eventually unwrapped a crumpled piece of paper that unveiled the words, “We are pregnant.” The pair then walked into frame holding “World’s Best Mom” and “Dad” mugs respectively.

The creative announcement even captured the attention of the show itself. “The Office”‘s official Instagram account commented, “Future regional manager in the making,” while actress Jenna Fischer added, “Congratulations!!!”

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