Eladio Carrión: The Busy Artist on His Latest Album and Path to Music Success

1. Eladio Carrión has just released his latest album “3MEN2 KBRN”, the final instalment of the “SEN2 KBRN” series, which features collaborations with famous English and Latin trap stars.

2. Despite being born in Kansas and moving around frequently, Carrión was exposed to a variety of cultures and music, which helped him develop his trademark versatility in songwriting.

3. While initially catching flak for being an influencer trying to make it as a musician, Carrión has proven his skills and established himself as an elite artist, with multiple successes including going platinum and earning a Latin Grammy nomination.

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Eladio Carrión is a busy man, constantly on the move since the release of his album “SEN2 KBRN Vol.2” last November. Despite a jam-packed schedule full of traveling, filming, and interviews, Carrión always manages to find time to work on his music in the studio. His most recent album, “3MEN2 KBRN”, the final installment in the “SEN2 KBRN” series, was released on March 17 and features collaborations with English-language and Latin trap stars. Carrión has been involved in every aspect of this project, from selecting beats to securing partnerships, ensuring that the finished product is one of which he is immensely proud.

Carrión’s path to music was far from straightforward, having been born in Kansas and raised in various places across America due to his father’s military background. Eventually settling in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Carrión credits his diverse musical taste to his upbringing in a variety of different cultures. From an early age, he was exposed to hip-hop, punk rock, and other musical genres, and he draws from that musical background when creating his own work.

Carrión’s musical talents first gained traction through social media, with his song parodies on Vine garnering attention for their impressive songwriting and comical narratives. This success led him to pursue music more seriously, and he went on to collaborate with big names in the industry. Despite initial criticism for being an influencer-turned-musician, Carrión’s dedication and hard work paid off, and he has proven himself to be an elite artist.

With the release of “3MEN2 KBRN”, Carrión has closed the book on a successful sophomore chapter in his career, while simultaneously establishing himself as a bridge between hip-hop’s past and future. His collaborations with industry legends like Lil Wayne and 50 Cent demonstrate that Carrión can hold his own with even the biggest names in the game. Overall, Carrión’s musical journey has been characterized by dedication, hard work, and a refusal to quit, culminating in his most impressive work yet.