Edie Falco discusses adoption and motherhood in interviews

– Falco adopted her son Anderson in 2005, and has been transparent about their adoption with him since he was young.
– Falco has shared anecdotes about her son, including a conversation they had about where babies come from and joking about him growing distant as a typical teenager.
– Anderson has since grown taller than Falco, which she finds emotional as she misses the days when he was a little boy.

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Actor Edie Falco opened up about her adoption journey during an appearance on the talk show “Anderson” in April 2012. Falco adopted her son Anderson in 2005, becoming a first-time mother. She revealed that she decided to adopt when she felt that it was time to raise kids, even though she was single at the time.

Falco has always been transparent with her children about their adoptions, having introduced the word “adoption” early on in their lives. She noted that her kids may not realize that not everyone they know is adopted. Falco recounted a conversation with her son when he asked her where babies come from. She explained to him that the mother who carries the baby in her belly eventually gives the baby to the adopting family.

In an interview on “Live With Kelly and Ryan” in April 2018, Falco talked about her teenage son, Anderson, who was starting to become distant from her. Although the interaction between mother and son had changed from what it used to be, Falco was pleased to note that this meant she was doing something right as a parent. In February 2020, Falco mentioned that Anderson had grown taller than her, causing her to feel emotional when she saw smaller children.

As an adoptive parent, Falco has been open about her adoption journey with her children, and it seems to have fostered a strong foundation of communication in her family. Her commitment to being honest and open with her children has likely strengthened their bond and helped them feel secure and loved.