Drew Barrymore Talks About Her Impact on Beauty Standards and Partnership with Garnier

– Drew Barrymore has inspired a generation to push beauty boundaries and use products that don’t test on animals, as shown in her partnership with Garnier which celebrates two years of being approved by Cruelty Free International.
– Barrymore’s lifelong love for beauty and transformative power led her to become a brand ambassador for Garnier, a brand that has become one of the largest to be Cruelty Free International-approved.
– Leading by example, Barrymore hopes for a sustainable and greener future for the beauty industry, where animal testing is not necessary and shoppers are encouraged to do their due diligence on the brands they support.

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Drew Barrymore has been a beauty icon for generations, inspiring people to be rebellious with their beauty looks and products. As brand ambassador for Garnier, she continues to push boundaries as the brand celebrates two years of being officially approved by Cruelty Free International.
Barrymore’s love for beauty has been lifelong, having started working in the industry since she was 11 months old. Seeing how transformative beauty can be has been a constant reminder of the power it holds. However, unattainable beauty standards can be a source of pressure for many young people. Barrymore hopes to show that these feelings of imperfection do not have to last forever, especially now that she has daughters and has a new responsibility to lead by example.
Partnering with Garnier makes sense for Barrymore, who is an animal lover with four cats, two dogs, and a bearded dragon as roommates. She is delighted to be part of a brand approved under the Leaping Bunny Program, which helps standardize non-animal testing across the beauty industry. Such approval is a massive undertaking for a brand the size of Garnier, but they did the work, proving their commitment to eliminating animal testing.
Barrymore acknowledges that consumers have a role to play in supporting cruelty-free brands. Affordable prices are no longer the only criterion for purchasing beauty products; the Leaping Bunny logo is now an essential factor for her, and as a common consumer, she encourages shoppers to do their due diligence. Her hope for the future of beauty is that the industry moves towards a greener and more sustainable future while making animal testing a thing of the past.
The impact of Garnier’s approval by Cruelty Free International is an ongoing commitment. As the awareness of animal testing becomes more widespread, smaller brands may be inspired by Garnier’s example. Drew Barrymore and Garnier continue to be at the forefront of this movement, leading the charge towards cruelty-free beauty products.
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