CelebritiesNewsDrake's Big Bets - Livin' The High Roller Life!

Drake’s Big Bets – Livin’ The High Roller Life!

Drake’s Big Bets – Livin’ The High Roller Life!
Drake visits South Africa

The Canadian rapper, Drake, doesn’t need any introduction, especially since he’s often making headlines, more so since becoming an official ambassador for the online cryptocurrency casino Stake.com. His stakes on the live-streamed events tend to be so high that many are questioning whether they’re actually legit. 

Despite the notorious ‘Drake curse’ which you may have heard of, the Toronto native has several multi-dollar wins under his belt. Apart from being known for having a penchant for roulette and for being filthy rich, Drake has also shown, along the years, that he’s keen on giving back to the community, and this is just one of the many reasons why his fans adore him.

The Official Ambassador For Stake.com

Just a year ago, in March 2022, Drake announced his affiliation with this online crypto casino, claiming that this affiliation was “inevitable” and that part of this partnership included a live-streamed event, dubbed “Drake vs Stake”, where he would hand out prizes to Stake players from around the world. Therefore, these events wouldn’t just feature the bets of this gambling mogul but players throughout the stream would also stand a chance to win Bitcoin packages worth $75,000 just like that. Typically, an event would include $1 million worth of crypto awards! How awesome is that?

Skeptical Eyebrows Questioning Whether Drake’s Stakes Are Legit

Drake’s high-risk bets on Stake.com have got several bettors asking whether the wagered money is in fact deposited by Stake itself. Some fans are still skeptical about the wads of cash that Drake is splurging and some are convinced that that he is only gambling so much because the dough just isn’t his own. 

While there are no hard facts to judge by, having a quarter of a billion as your net worth, does put you in a position to splash money that way. And while the chances of you being a high roller with wins as massive as Drake’s are slim to none, there’s no harm in trying, especially with all the UK win real money casinos available. You needn’t bet the farm, but it’s definitely not worth missing such golden opportunities that could go a long way in boosting your bankroll.

The “Drake Curse”

If you haven’t heard of it, this refers to the idea that when Drake wears a jersey, poses with an athelete, or in some way shows support to a team, it puts a curse on them, with these victims ending up losing, often against the odds!  

In April, 2019 alone, Drake posed for photographs with footballers including Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund, Pierre-Emerick Aubmeyang of Arsenal and Sergio Aguero of Manchester City. As soon the images were uploaded on social media, they all suffered major losses that reversed their fortune in the blink of an eye!

The 6 God Has A Penchant For Roulette

While the rapper seems to put a curse on other people, he definitely has everything going for him in his own gambles, especially when it comes to roulette. In fact, in May of last year, he was lucky enough to win over $17 million on a live roulette table! 

Roulette is indeed his thing. Rather than spinning reels of the latest slots, he is often pictured wagering boatloads of money on red and black. One of them was before he announced his partnership with Stake. He wagered over $100,000 on a single spin at ARIA Casino high-stakes roulette table! Now if that’s not a high roller for you, we don’t know what is!

Drake Shares His Dosh With Those In Need

It would be a sweeping generalization to equate being wealthy with having no inclination to give back to the community. Drake, in fact, is a living testimony to this. We’ve seen him giving $10,000 to Dixon Hall back in 2011, donating money to the Union Gospel Mission of Portland in 2013 and funding a Philadelphia High School’s Recording Studio in 2015, apart from other philanthropic offerings in between. And just a couple more reasons to love the rapper, during the pandemic he donated a million dollars in support Of ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, and just a year ago he has also given a $100,000 to LeBron Charity in Bitcoin. 

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