Donald Glover Reveals He Got Married & Went to Work on the Same Day

Donald Glover’s wedding day was no ordinary one. It was just another day at work for the Atlanta star. He let the cat out of the bag that he’d secretly married his longtime love, Michelle White. And guess what? He did it right before heading off to shoot his Amazon Prime series, Mr & Mrs. Smith.

He spilled the beans in a Hollywood Reporter interview, published Feb. 7. “There was a day where I don’t think we had to be on set until noon or 1,” he said. Then, with a casual shrug, he added, “So, I was like, ‘Can we get married today?”

The 40-year-old actor and his bride, Michelle, are parents to three kids. They’ve got Legend, Drake, and Donald Glover III. They made their relationship official that morning, but the real celebration came later.

After work, they had a “real wedding”. Their favorite restaurant was the venue. He shared, “and then her parents and my mom were waiting for us at the house.”

Marriage wasn’t always on Donald’s radar. He’s a Community alum and admitted that he didn’t quite get the whole marriage thing initially. He was unsure about what he was “getting out of it.”