Dispersion and Volatility in Gambling

Dispersion and Volatility in Gambling
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The dispersion in gambling determines how quickly your bankroll changes during the game. With little variance, you will win often but in small amounts. In this case, your gaming bankroll changes evenly (unfortunately, downward). In the case of a large variance, you will lose most of the rounds, but when you win, your winnings are large. The slow and progressive loss of money is justified by the big gain.

In this review, you will find out more about how important variance and volatility indicators are when playing slots. Besides that, you can also find out more about Paysafe outlets NZ as a reliable prepaid solution for online payments that anyone can use, even those who are not fond of gambling.

What Is Dispersion, and How Does It Relate to Slots?

The very term “dispersion” is closely intertwined with the field of probability theory. Simply put, this is a mathematical deviation from the algorithmic, pre-calculated mathematical expectation of the probability of an event. To better understand how this term works, let’s consider a few examples:

  • You flip a coin twice, it can land once on tails and once on heads, according to the theory of probability. However, in reality, it can land twice on one side or the other. This phenomenon is called dispersion;
  • Let’s take the opposite example — a lottery. In this game, people choose several numbers that they think will be drawn from the pool of possible combinations. The jackpot here can be several million if you have 1 in 70 million chances.

From these examples, you can clearly see that dispersion indicates the likelihood of expected results. In low variance events, players can look forward to getting closer to their expected return. As the difference increases, the likelihood of drifting away from the desired return increases. This phenomenon can go in both positive and negative directions.

How Much Does Dispersion Affect Increasing the Chance of Winning at a Casino?

Gambling can carry different levels of variance: low, medium, and high. What is the difference? Everything is quite straightforward:

  • Slots with high dispersion. Such slot machines are not distinguished by the frequent issuance of prize combinations; however, the jackpot amount is much higher in them. As a rule, people who are notable for patience and have a large amount of time left prefer this particular type of gambling entertainment;
  • Slots with a medium dispersion. Such slot machines are characterized by an average level of prize amounts and the same frequency of their occurrence;
  • Slots with low dispersion. Their main difference from the previous two types is their frequent low wins. Such a slot machine will hardly offer you more winnings than your bet.

Low, Medium, High — Which Option Is Better?

A good betting system is a compromise between your chances of satisfactory winnings and the length of your stay at the casino. Which betting system should you choose to play long enough and still have a good chance of winning?


If your goal is to have a good time and have a good chance of winning, then it is much better to play with maximum dispersion and adequately small stakes. In the case of roulette, the best bet would be between 2% and 4% of the pot that you have allocated for the game. You need to calculate your strategy for slots based on the volatility and RTP of each specific game, namely:

  • The variance of the game is determined by the size of the potential winnings (multiple of the bet). The more you win, the greater your variance will be;
  • High variance games tend to be more profitable. The advantage of a much higher variance can easily beat the advantage of a slightly higher RTP;
  • The higher the variance, the more likely you are to turn small amounts into large ones;
  • If you are playing for fun, choose high variance games and place lower stakes. A few wins will lead you to the victory you want, or you will lose your entire budget. Keep in mind that you are making a trade-off between the length of play and the RTP of your betting system.

Find your perfect balance. If you have no idea what works best for you, then it is better to test out different games and make an informed decision afterwards.