Dating Safety Tips for People of All Ages

Dating Safety Tips for People of All Ages
Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

People of all ages are out there looking for love, from teens to seniors. And a lot of them are using dating apps and various online platforms (such as social media) to meet like-minded people. Others are taking a more traditional approach and relying on meeting people at work, at clubs and bars, or even through friends. 

Regardless of what method you’re using to find your perfect match, there are some dating safety tips to keep in mind if you are planning on meeting someone in person for a date. After all, while it can be a thrilling and exciting experience to meet someone new and really connect with them, it’s important to keep in mind that, sometimes, people end up in harm’s way when they go on a date. So, making sure you take steps to keep yourself safe is definitely wise. Continue reading to learn how. 

Be Cautious When It Comes to Meeting People from the Internet

Whether you are on a dating app or met someone on Facebook, before you see them in person, it’s a great idea to do a bit more research into them by using Nuwber and various other helpful and easy-to-use online websites and tools. That way, you can figure out if they are being honest about who they are and where they are from, or you can see if they are trying to hide anything about their past or present. 

Remember, when you meet someone online, they might be pretending to be someone else or they might be a scammer who is going to try to harm you or steal from you. So, by doing some simple online research, you might gain more insight into them before you meet them.  

Don’t Keep Your Date a Secret

Another important dating safety tip is simple and straightforward: let someone know about your date. This could be a trusted friend or a reliable family member. 

Why would you need to let them know about your meetup with someone new? Well, in the event that anything bad were to happen to you, they would know where you were supposed to be, as well as when you were heading off on your date and when you were anticipating coming home. This information can be helpful if they have to try to find you if you never make it home. 

It’s definitely scary and unnerving to think about these types of scenarios, but the truth is that you need to be cautious and proactive to keep yourself safe. So, let someone know about your date, including the details of the date, so you can be helped if you need it. 

Bring a Friend

Whenever you are going on a first date with someone that you don’t know very well or someone that you have never met face-to-face (such as an online dating app match), you can certainly bring a friend with you if that will help you feel more secure. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about this!

By having a friend with you the entire time, you can feel safer because you won’t be alone. In the event that the date becomes uncomfortable, you can have someone there who will provide extra support and help you leave. 

Have Your Own Car

Finally, whether you are meeting someone with a friend or on your own, using your own car to get there is a smart step you can take to keep yourself safe. Again, if you feel uncomfortable and need to leave, you can do so right away when you have your own form of transportation, as you won’t need to rely on your date to pick you up and take you home.