3 Dating Apps That Actually Work Today

Dating app doesn’t just mean Tinder. While some have found success through swiping right, others aren’t as lucky on the well-known platform. In an age where people are rushing here and there and the one thing on them at all times is their phone, it’s no wonder that dating apps have become so popular. It’s hard to know which ones work and which are filled with scammers though. To make your love life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 3 dating apps all depending on what you’re looking for.


An app specified for long-term relationships. It’s trendy in the US because of its high authenticity and its focus on a smaller section of people. This app is not intended for hookups or short-term relationships, as it’s helping users meet “the one.” It’s kind of like Instagram but for dating. Users can go through people’s pictures, likes, and dislikes and decide the compatibility. Another bonus of the app is that it asks for users’ opinions regarding the dates. This helps the app suggest better matches for the user in the future.


This app focuses on finding people with the same interests as you. Authenticity is also a key factor in the app. It divides the audience into local groups which makes it easier to find someone in your area. What’s different about this app is that it doesn’t have to necessarily be used for dating. You can meet up with strangers in your area that share the same interests. It also has a group feature where you can meet up with groups with similar interests.


The app that’s woman-friendly. It follows the same swiping concept as Tinder. The bonus for women is that the app follows a “ladies first” idea. When a match has been made, women can see the icon of the match on their screen. Men though can only see it once the woman reaches out to him. Also like Tinder, it allows you to upload photos and create a biography to get more swipes right.