Dan Levy’s 40th birthday vacation with “Schitt’s Creek” castmates and friends in Italy

– Dan Levy celebrated his 40th birthday in Italy with former “Schitt’s Creek” costars Noah Reid and Sarah Levy, as well as other close friends including Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
– The group enjoyed an outdoor sunset meal, drank wine, and danced inside an empty church during the vacation.
– The stars of “Schitt’s Creek” have been busy with various projects since the show ended, but have managed to reunite for special occasions like birthdays and events.

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Title: Dan Levy Celebrates 40th Birthday with a Schitt’s Creek Reunion

Dan Levy’s 40th birthday getaway turned into a joyous reunion for the beloved cast of “Schitt’s Creek.” The actor, renowned for his portrayal of David Rose on the hit show, marked the special occasion in Italy alongside former co-stars Noah Reid and Sarah Levy. Through heartwarming throwback photos shared by Dan on Aug. 21, fans were treated to glimpses of the reunion, which also featured close friends such as “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

One of the highlights of their vacation was an enchanting outdoor meal at sunset, complete with laughter, wine, and cherished memories. The group even ventured into an empty church and danced the night away. Capturing the essence of the milestone, Dan shared the Instagram post with the caption, “The Summer I Turned Forty.” It’s heartwarming to witness the enduring bond between the stars of “Schitt’s Creek,” even beyond the confines of the show.

On his actual birthday, Aug. 9, Dan shared a simple selfie, captioned “40,” alongside a balloon emoji. Fellow “Schitt’s Creek” cast members, like Annie Murphy and Emily Hampshire, lightened the mood with their lighthearted jokes. Murphy’s comment playfully echoed her character, Alexis Rose, saying, “You don’t look a DAY over 65ish.” Hampshire added, “I can’t believe I’m going to give you a compliment but… 40 actually looks really good on you. 🙄 Happy birthday! Now delete this.”

Since the bittersweet end of “Schitt’s Creek,” the cast members have been thriving in their respective endeavors. Dan has seamlessly transitioned to other notable projects like Hulu’s “Happiest Season,” HBO’s “The Idol,” Disney’s “Haunted Mansion,” and Netflix’s “Sex Education.” Meanwhile, Noah Reid welcomed his first child in 2022 and has been focusing on his music career, recently announcing an upcoming worldwide tour. Annie Murphy has also been making waves with her performances in popular shows like “Russian Doll,” “Kevin Can F**k Himself,” and “Black Mirror.” Furthermore, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, the beloved heads of the Rose family, are pursuing their own exciting ventures.

The bond between the “Schitt’s Creek” stars remains as strong as ever. Over the years, we have witnessed several delightful reunions between them, such as Dan and Catherine meeting up at Paris Fashion Week in March and Dan attending Noah Reid’s Broadway debut show in New York City last April. The 40th birthday celebration in Italy serves as another heartwarming reminder of the deep friendship shared by these remarkable actors.

As fans, we can’t help but appreciate these unforgettable moments and the lasting impact “Schitt’s Creek” has had on our lives. Let’s raise a glass to Dan Levy as he embarks on his journey into another exciting chapter of his life. Cheers to 40 and endless memories!