Colman Domingo of Euphoria Met His Husband Via Craigslist

Colman’s story starts with a chance meeting with Raúl. They met up again three days later for their first date. The night ended with both of them sharing a bed.

Colman had every intention of being a good boy and heading home. But then Raúl asked, “Can you stay over?” Colman agreed, but only to cuddle. And so, they cuddled.

Fast forward to 4:00 in the morning. Colman, wide awake, thought Raúl was asleep. He took a leap of faith and confessed, “I think I love you and you’re about to change my life.” And boy, was he right. They’ve been inseparable for nearly 19 years now.

In a 2021 GQ interview, Colman opened up about this life-altering meeting. He’s a man who believes in manifesting his desires. He’s a firm believer in magic, too. “I think I’m just somebody who just believes that magic happens,” he shared. He’s got this unwavering faith that if he wants something, it’ll happen.

Now, let’s switch gears a bit. Let’s take a look back at the love lives of Euphoria stars.