Celebs Who Love Sports Betting

Photo by Vincentas Liskauskas

Sports betting has become a popular pastime for many, including Hollywood celebrities. These stars not only have the resources to bet big but also have access to insider information. It gives them an edge over other bettors. Many famous faces have been spotted at live betting shops and casinos. From A-list actors to top music artists, Some of the most prominent names include:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Ben Affleck
  • 50 cents
  • Floyd Mayweather JR
  • Charles Barkley

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the top former athletes in sports betting. He is widely known as a professional golf gambler and for placing high-risk bets on golf with his peers. Michael Jordan once made a huge loss of $5 million after playing at a casino. 

Despite the loss, the famous basketball player did not stop there. Instead, it seems like that fueled his love for betting on golf events and tournaments. Michael Jordan frequently visits land-based casinos. He is known to play at Atlantic City often and puts $100,000 on a single line. Michael Jordan earns millions from golf betting. 

He occasionally chooses other sports, such as basketball and racing to place bets on. MJ has admitted to losing $165000 at Atlantic City CasinO and $1.25 million in a golf match to billionaire Richard Equinas. There are undoubtedly more losses that go unreported.

Winnings Losses
Millions from golf betting $165000 at Atlantic City Casino 


Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s renowned actors. He has been featured in some of Hollywood’s most well-known movies, including Gone Girl and Batman. Affleck has a history of gambling, particularly at table games like poker and blackjack. 

Affleck is famous for his passion for sports and has been seen betting on several games over the years. He frequently visits land-based casinos and places large bets on live sporting events. During an interview, Affleck admitted to losing $400,000 in one night. 

Ben Affleck reportedly won $140,000 playing blackjack with his friend Matt Damon at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas. The New York Post reports that Affleck gave out every one of his chips to casino personnel. He was also said to have tipped his door to boys, waitpeople, and dealers as much as $5k. Affleck also won $800k at the same casino a year later. However, he was accused of counting cards and was banned from playing blackjack at some casinos.

Winnings Losses
$140,000 playing blackjack in Las Vegas $400,000 in one night
$800,000 playing blackjack in Hard Rock Casino

50 Cent

Rapper 50 cent is well known for his frequent bets on hockey and football. His astounding bet on the 2012 NFC championship earned him the attention of many expert sports bettors. After placing a $500k wager on the Giants to win the NFC, 50 Cent ended up with over a million dollars.

Other significant victories for the rapper include a $1.6 million wager that paid off on one of Floyd Mayweather’s fights. The industry has become more complicated ten years after his famous NFC wager. Professional bettors and live sports betting experts are developing empirical strategies for placing more calculated bets. 

Rapper 50 cent enjoys boasting about his large wagers on his social media platforms. He once tweeted about winning $500k on the Giant’s victory over the 49ers. 50 cent tweeted that he hears voices telling him various things, and one of them was to place a wager on the giants. What kind of tactics does someone like 50 cent use to stake such huge amounts?

Winnings Losses
Over a million dollars in betting on the NFC champions
$1.6 million wager that paid off on one of Floyd Mayweather’s fights


Floyd Mayweather JR

The former fighter has a reputation for making significantly large wagers on sports, often in the millions of dollars. Mayweather JR enjoys showing off his wealth to the public by posting pictures of his most recent purchases on social media. He also displays his winning bet slips online for everyone to see. 

Floyd Mayweather JR once tried to place a bet on himself. He wrote in 2012 about picking Oregon to beat Arizona and winning $1 million. The boxing legend also posted in 2014 about winning a wager on the Denver Broncos, which earned him $600,000. Since then, he has placed some excellent and bad bets. 

A few hours before defeating Conor McGregor, he reportedly attempted to place a $400000 wager on himself. Mayweather entered a local casino with his intended bet in cash and requested to bet on a victory in nine and a half rounds. One minute and five seconds into the tenth round at the T-Mobile arena, he stopped McGregor. 

According to ESPN, Mayweather got impatient and left as the bookmakers looked up the regulations. The bets would have been approved because, as it turns out, Nevada state officials do not have any laws prohibiting fighters from placing wagers on themselves. 

Winnings Losses
$1 million picking Oregon to beat Arizona
$600,000 betting on Denver Broncos

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, a former NBA player, is a sports analyst who enjoys gambling on sports. He has been outspoken about his love of gambling and even acknowledged that he has lost millions of dollars playing. Barkley said that he had lost around $30 million in sports and blackjack before finally admitting he had a little gambling addiction. 

Barkley has said that he has learned to gamble sensibly after he took a two-year break. The former NBA player admitted to ESPN that he lost $2.5 million in one night after playing blackjack for six hours. During the interview with ESPN, he did not say which casino. Barkley estimates that his lifetime losses are at $10 million.

He told ESPN that it was dumb and it was a poor habit. He acknowledged that he had a problem and that it arises when you cannot afford it. He mentioned that he had the money to gamble and didn’t commit suicide after losing $2.5 million. He told ESPN that he enjoys gambling and will not quit.

Winnings Losses
$30 million in sports and blackjack

The Appeal of Live Sports Betting to Hollywood Elite – From BetZillion

So what is it about live sports betting that appeals to Hollywood elites? It offers a level of excitement and thrill that other activities cannot match. Live betting allows these celebs to place bets on a game while it’s happening. It means bettors can watch the action unfold and decide where to place their bets.

Many find appeal in the possibility of winning large payouts and the opportunity to leverage insider information. Some celebs use it to take a break from the demands of their well-known careers and relax. For whatever reason, the rich and famous enjoy visiting live betting shops as a pastime activity.


It’s not unexpected that Hollywood’s elite are getting in on the action as sports betting gets more popular. Sports betting is no longer only a pastime for seasoned gamblers. If you enjoy sports betting, you should explore live betting. Its interactive and engaging nature makes it an excellent way to enhance your sports viewing experience.