Celebs vs Paparazzi: 9 Memorable Moments Stars Stood Their Ground

Celebs vs Paparazzi: 9 Memorable Moments Stars Stood Their Ground
Photo by Zeg Young

Celebs vs the paps. It’s like a constant war being waged. While some are happy to give their soundbites to TMZ and even tip off the paps, other stars are more well-known for flipping the bird or even getting in the odd scuffle.

Even celebs deserve their privacy, no matter how much many might argue that it’s a lifestyle they signed up for. Being in the limelight should by no means imply not being able to enjoy one’s own privacy. 

No one likes their photos being snapped every second of their day. We all have our bad days, arguments with our beaus or even appreciate that ‘alone time’ with our friends and loved ones. So why all this unnecessary aggravation from the paps? Can’t they get their favorite celeb fix elsewhere? What perverse pleasure could possibly be derived from incessantly prying into people’s private lives? If they do it for the fans, it’s safe to say, many of them are aware a line’s been crossed. You’d probably catch their genuine fanbase getting their favorite celeb fix by browsing the net reading articles or even playing some celebrity-themed no deposit slot. And there’d be nothing wrong with that. Plus, the much-loved stars are left alone, in peace! 

So if you’ve ever identified with a much-harrassed star, read on to find out nine of the most memorable times celebs have gone head-to-head with the paps.

1. Britney’s umbrella moment

These days, the most bizarre behavior you’ll see from Brit Brit is her twirling around her house in clothes that most of us haven’t thought about in 20-odd years. But back in her meltdown era, Britney gave us one of the most memorable ever star vs. paparazzi moments. After much harassment from the paps following her shaving her head in a tattoo parlor, Britney deployed a bright green umbrella and slammed it into a pap’s car – all caught on camera of course.

2. Shia LeBeouf loses his coffee

Shia LeBeouf is known for some pretty ‘interesting’ Hollywood moments, but among the paps, none is more famous than the time he lost it at a random photog. The incident in question involved Shia chasing a cameraman down the street and proceeding to throw coffee over him, before running off.

3. Louis Tomlinson arrested at LAX

Flying can be stressful for anyone. Just ask Louis Tomlinson, who got into a fistfight with a bunch of photographers at the baggage collection at the airport! After a pap got all up in his girlfriend’s business, Louis went into bat… Which wound up with him being ultimately arrested. Ouch.

4. Denise Richards destroying a laptop?

Before her Real Housewives plotlines and daughter’s OnlyFans drama, Denise Richards was once married to Charlie Sheen, which is enough to drive anyone crazy. When going through her divorce there was once an incident where she was out and about with Pam Anderson and a pap crossed the line in antagonizing the duo. The result? Not one but two pap’s laptops wound up thrown over the balcony.

5. Katy Perry stalks back

Katy Perry was so put out by the constant harassment of the paps Down Under while she went on her beach walk in Australia that she tweeted out photos of the paps in question under the description “THESE ARE A FEW OF THE STALKERS.” Inciting her Aussie Katy Cats to go after annoying paparazzi? Yes, she will.

6. Hilaria Baldwin defends her husband

While Alec Baldwin is known for his own outbursts at the paps, and his wife is known for… popping out babies and a fake Spanish accent, that’s not to say that there haven’t been some interesting encounters between Mrs. Hilaria Baldwin and the paps. Whether she’s acting or not, Hilaria’s been working double time in defending her husband’s role in the Rust shooting debacle, notably by getting angered when the paps didn’t know Halyna’s name.

7. Chris Martin loses it

While you wouldn’t think from the tunes of Coldplay that Chris Martin could lose his cool, you’d be very wrong. In fact, after surfing in Byron Bay in Australia (that’s home to the Hemsworths) Martin lost it at a photographer grabbing snaps of him and allegedly tried to smash his windscreen with a rock.

8. And loses it again

Way before the conscious uncoupling, Martin was out and about in London with a heavily pregnant Gwenyth Paltrow. In protecting Paltrow from the paps as they jumped in a cab, the photographer wound up injuring himself after a scuffle and the taxi pulled away.

9. Lindsay eggs the paps

Back in the olden days of celebs vs paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan was a hot target. One high-school memorable incident resulted in Linds throwing eggs at the paps after they followed her home after a big night out.