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Celebrities Who Love To Gamble

Celebrities Who Love To Gamble
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Who is your favorite celebrity? Do they love to gamble? Some celebrities are among the most prominent sports fans. In fact, some are known for frequenting gambling establishments to enjoy various gaming options. Additionally, these celebrities like to gamble online on top-rated platforms where they play different games. Mostly, when celebrities win at the casinos, they donate their winnings to charity or put them back to gambling.

So, who are the celebrities that love to gamble? This article looks at five. Keep reading for more!

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is an actor and a big roller who is also famous for his gambling activities. Damon also doubles up as a professional blackjack and poker player. His role as a law student and endowed poker player in Rounders, the 1998 blockbuster, gave the actor his passion for gaming.

The actor trained with Johnny Chan to prepare for his role. Therefore, Damon owes Chan a debt of gratitude for teaching him the game, which he now enjoys in various Polish online casino establishments. Damon continued enjoying poker and blackjack long after the film.

You can spot the famous actor in prestigious casinos even though he doesn’t play often. There are scanty details about his earnings.

Ben Affleck

It is not surprising that Ben Affleck, Matt Damon’s best friend, is among the celebrities who love to gamble. You know what they say about birds of a feather, right?  

You probably remember Affleck from the 2013 crime thriller Runner Runner. Affleck was featured as a character that came up against a made-up internet casino empire. While the movie did not get a good reception, Affleck continued gambling. Furthermore, he left important tips at the casinos he played.

Brad Pitt

Like his coworkers at the Ocean’s franchise, Brad Pitt loves gambling. He particularly enjoys playing card games like blackjack and poker.

Before he filmed the gambling scenes, Pitt had to visit various gambling establishments to improve his game. He loves playing blackjack whenever he visits casinos.

George Clooney

George Clooney has featured as Matt Damon’s co-star in multiple films. He is also a long-time fan of the casino scene. Additionally, George is reported to have been involved in the process of purchasing a gambling establishment in Las Vegas.

However, he failed in his quest to buy the gambling facility. He did not give up as he continued visiting casinos.

Floyd Mayweather

If you wager on sports, there is a high likelihood that you wagered on Floyd’s bouts at some point. The showy boxer is famous for wagering massive amounts on other sports events.

Some reports claim that Floyd wagered 400 000 USD on himself, beating Conor McGregor. However, he eventually opted against it after various bookies questioned the legitimacy of such a wager. In 2012, he hit the headlines for betting 1.1 million USD on the NCAA match between Arizona State and Oregon.

Final Thoughts

Gamblers are people from different socio-economic backgrounds. Celebrities mainly participate in gambling for fun, and most of them get their love for gambling from their roles in movies. Who’s your favorite celebrity? Do they love to gamble?

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