Celebrities Who Faced Bullying at School

Celebrities Who Faced Bullying at School
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Bullying is undesired and violent conduct that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Bullying may be verbal, social, or even physical. Children and teens who are subjected to bullying and those who perpetrate it may suffer long-term consequences. There are so many such consequences that it deserves writing a research paper. Occasionally, the awareness that many successful and famous people have gone through bullying can help those who experience bullying now. Read on to know more about celebs who faced bullying at school.

Kate Middleton

Even though Kate Middleton is now a member of the upper crust of British society, she was subjected to bullying when she was younger. A childhood friend of Middleton’s, Jessica Hay, alleged in 2011 that Middleton was bullied at school because of her soft character. Many underperforming students were also annoyed by Kate’s high grades. Remember that jealousy and bullying do not lead to anything good.

Kate said that many students feel pressure and stress at merely writing their college essays and she was not an exception. Often that stress was not easy to keep inside, and it turned into aggression towards other students. She advises help from professionals. Find the best platform to buy essays, ask for a friend’s help, or take a break and rest from your studies. That will reduce amount of aggressive actions. 

Jealousy and bullying will certainly not lead to success. If you are an excellent student-quiet and are bullied, do not despair. Be yourself and be inspired by Kate Middleton! By the way, when she married Prince William, the pair asked their guests to donate to the charity BeatBullying, as well as other charities, in honor of her experience.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s family revealed that the billionaire businessman was nearly tormented mercilessly as a youngster in South Africa. His mother told Esquire that he was bullied because he was the shortest boy in his school. According to Elon Musk’s brother, kids gave Elon really unpleasant nicknames.

Justine, Elon Musk’s ex-wife, said that many people don’t realize how challenging his childhood was. But now, the best people in the world search spell for good grades and are competing to work for Mr. Musk. Past grievances have not prevented him from becoming successful and remaining a decent man.


Eminem’s family frequently moved when he was a child. In each new school, he went through bullying, as he was new and did not have time to fit in and make friends. Problems with classmates also affected his academic achievement. And it’s understandable. When you are constantly bullied, there is no time to fix teacher comments for students’ writing.

According to an interview Eminem gave to CNN’s Anderson Cooper in 2010, he was bullied in the restrooms and halls and even was once closed in his locker cause he was a new kid. His mother filed a lawsuit against the school system in Michigan after her son had a significant injury in one instance. 

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps was bullied in middle school because he was a hyperactive kid with big ears. Phelps’ mother said her son often wore caps to hide his ears and avoid bullying. Phelps was even expelled from school when he conflicts with a bully. As a result of that experience, he developed the ability to control his anger and turn it into success in sports. Phelps believes that it made him a better person and helped him become stronger. Michael also said that many former abusers now want to be his friends. The athlete says such attempts to «make friends» make him laugh.

Lady Gaga

World-famous singer and Academy Award winner, Lady Gaga, was bullied at school for her looks and personality. She was mocked for having a huge nose and being irritating. Other students were unhappy about everything in her interests. Lady Gaga said her classmates asked her things like: Why do you constantly sing? Why are you so interested in theater? Why do you wear your make-up like this?’ Also, she suffered from the name-calling and often didn’t want to go to school. Luckily, today, many experts discuss the bullying problem and find ways to stop it.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes claims she was bullied often due to her petite stature and quiet demeanour. She hasn’t been issued with completing a student contract for grades, but couldn’t stand up for herself. Mendes says one bully took advantage of her fear to get to her, which was a living hell. The actress said she was frightened to ask for help from her parents or school officials. Eventually, she managed to face her fears and deal with her abuser. It took young Eva a few years to brace herself.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake spoke out a few times about the bullying he suffered as a kid. He always differed from his classmates in style, thinking, and behavior. Of course, many disliked it. He was called a strange weirdo. He was often laughed at. However, Justin doesn’t resent his bullies. He says that being weird and different is cool. And he always knew that such “different” people usually succeed the most. Well, that is true for many of us. People rarely love the different. But it is the difference that can separate from the crowd and regularly leads to success.


Examples of other people’s resilience are inspiring. Moreover, celebrity experience proves bullying is not an obstacle to a successful and happy life. You have to draw the right conclusions and move on. The truth is, the aggressors are people who have a lot of psychological problems. Try not to take offensive words close to your heart. 

Please don’t change your personality to make someone happy; stay yourself, whatever it is. Remember that you can always ask for help from teachers and parents if you cannot handle bullying at school alone. After all, the school won’t last forever. Once, you will definitely find your friends of interest and people who will love you for who you are.