Casinos and the cultural heritage of cars: collections and exhibitions in gambling establishments

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For many, the word ‘casino’ may conjure up images of dazzling lights, the seething energy of punters and the allure of gambling. Whilst this is an accurate depiction of the atmosphere at £3 deposit casino, casinos also serve as venues for a wide range of cultural and historical events, creating an intersection of entertainment and education.

One such notable intersection exists between the casino world and car culture. Over the years, casinos around the world have amassed impressive collections of cars and organised noteworthy car exhibitions that fascinate players and car enthusiasts alike.

An exhibition of culture and history

To understand the connection between casinos and car shows, one must first understand the dual role that casinos play: they act as entertainment venues and as cultural arbiters. Casinos are uniquely positioned to present historical, artistic, and cultural phenomena to a wide audience given their reputation for luxury and entertainment.

A prime example of this concept is the display of rare and vintage automobiles. Cars as a manifestation of the evolution of technology and design. They speak eloquently of decades of innovation, design trends and even socio-political shifts. Thus, their presence in the casino serves to attract audiences of diverse interests and backgrounds.

Classic Car Demonstration

To date, several casinos around the world have amassed notable collections of cars. One of the most prominent is undoubtedly the “Car Collections” at the LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Known as “the world’s most famous classic car showroom,” it boasts more than 250 vintage cars from different eras, from Ford T models to Mascars, providing viewers with an insight into history and culture.

This collection also includes prestige cars once owned by celebrities and famous racing cars that roared onto international circuits.

In addition, the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada, although not a casino, is closely tied to the casino industry through a partnership with William F. Harrah’s Casino’s William F. Harrah. Harrah’s has amassed a collection of about 1,400 cars that have been displayed at his casino at various times, demonstrating the connection between casinos and automotive heritage.

Similarly, many other casinos around the world have followed suit, adding exceptional automotive exhibits to their entertainment list. Places such as the Gold Strike Hotel and Gaming Hall in Gina, Nevada, feature a fascinating exhibit of the famous DeLorean car from Back to the Future. These exhibitions not only expose visitors to popular destinations, but also highlight the cultural significance of these cars in the context of popular culture and film history.

Collaboration with car dealerships

The famous Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hotel in Hollywood often collaborates with car shows to present a collection of classic cars, luxury cars and rare car models, creating an exquisite spectacle for car fans and punters.

Here are some of the types that are commonly displayed:

  • Vintage cars

Early 20th century cars are often displayed in casinos to illustrate the birth of the auto industry. These can be iconic models such as the Ford Model T, Chevrolet Series AC or Rolls-Royce Phantom.

  • Sports and racing cars

Many casinos feature high-performance sports and racing cars that have left their mark on motorsport history. These can range from Formula 1 cars to iconic sports cars such as the Ferrari 250 GTO or Porsche 911.

  • Luxury and exotic cars

Also common are cars from manufacturers known for their luxury and innovation, such as Bugatti or Aston Martin. These cars are admired for their design and performance.

Impact and value

Casinos offer a platform for preserved classic and rare cars to reach a wider audience while providing additional entertainment for their visitors. 

These exhibitions and collections play an educational role by foregrounding the history and cultural impact of automobiles, providing visitors with an exciting journey through time.


Although casinos are not traditional cultural institutions like museums, they have proven to be a powerful force in preserving and promoting the historical and cultural heritage of automobiles. This unique combination of gambling and automotive culture not only enhances the appeal of casinos as entertainment venues, but also helps to reinforce the inherent cultural significance of the auto industry.

These collections and exhibitions are a testament to the profound influence and significance of automobiles in our cultural landscape, emphasising their timeless value.


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