Casino Dress Code Rules You Need to Know About in 2022

Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

Dress code rules are an important element meant to complete the glamorous atmosphere of the casinos. By imposing a dress code, the casinos are trying to create a stylish ambiance, situated between formal and casual.

100 years ago, formal attire was mandatory for gaining access to a casino night. Casino games were widely targeted towards rich citizens, who were striving to convey their wealth through opulent clothing. Most casinos expected women to wear opulent dresses, and men to style an elegant tie.

The Importance of Dress Codes in 2022

Starting with the 90s, the rigidity of the dress codes imposed by the casinos has started to loosen. Gradually, men were allowed to give up their crisp suits, and women could let go of their jewel-encrusted formal gowns. Slowly, the casinos have started to accept more casual looks. This allowed middle-class citizens to take part in casino nights as well.

In 2022, flexibility has become the rule for choosing your outfit when going to a casino night. Today, men can make an impression just by wearing an elegant suit, and women can make a stellar appearance by choosing to style a cocktail dress.

Formalwear – is it a must?

The most celebrated type of clothing for casino nights is by far formalwear – for both men and women. If you don’t feel inspired when choosing your casino outfit, you shouldn’t panic. Various reliable sources offer you advice on how to look glamourous and radiate confidence when entering a renowned casino.

Formal wear offers attendants a certain flair of high-class and sophistication that casual clothes can’t give. The casino’s personnel usually judge its clientele based on their attires, since they are supposed to offer their utmost care and attention to the high-spending customers. So, the better you are dressed, the more assistance you may get from the employees.

For women, a long gown with elegant neutral heels should be enough to steal the show when walking in a casino at night. As for men, formal wear can consist of a high waistcoat bow tie attire.

If you find formal wear to be too over the top for you, or you simply don’t want to bring any attention to your attire, you can choose to dress in optimally casual wear. For women, we would recommend cocktail dresses, whereas, for men, collared shirts and jeans would be a safe choice to make at a casino.

Are there any mistakes to avoid with the casino dress code?

While the casino attire has become more laid-back compared to its early beginnings, there are still some mistakes that may lead to having your access denied when stepping up in a high-class location. And although most of the land-based casinos will indeed allow you to enter their buildings, you may attract the wrong kind of attention if you decide to wear a frowned-upon piece of clothing.

First of all, while T-shirts are considered to be an acceptable attire nowadays, it is always safer to wear plain tops. So, try to avoid any kind of shirt that has intricate designs or animated motifs, since they don’t suit the classy environment of a casino.

Wearing ripped clothing at a casino would be a highly controversial move. Although ripped clothes were meant to send a message of getting liberated from dress codes, they simply don’t match well with the elegant setting of a casino.

Any kind of headwear is usually frowned upon, regardless of the size or style. According to the old rules of social etiquette, any kind of headwear was only meant to be worn outside. For instance, wearing a hat when visiting a friend used to be a sign of people being in a rush. Hence, casinos hold to this tradition, as they want their guests to spend as much time as possible inside.

Face paint is also strictly forbidden and wearing it would probably lead to having your access denied by the casino. Having your face painted may be perceived as an attempt of hiding your identity, which could raise suspicion. For reasons of both security and etiquette, the casino’s personnel would most likely politely ask you to be on your way.

Footwear is also a relevant aspect of your outfit, so try styling your attire with clean, simple shoes. As a woman, you don’t have to wear heels to be admired on a casino night – simple flats will do, as they radiate modesty and comfort. However, wearing flip-flops, UGGs, or rubber gumboots would put you in a bad light in the eyes of the casino’s personnel and the other attendants.

Formal wear as a mandatory dress code for casino nights has been a tradition for over 100 years. However, the 21st century welcomes a much-needed change, replacing the rigidity of the past dress codes with a certain level of flexibility. Now, players can contribute to the elegance of the casinos, while still feeling comfortable when playing their favorite games.