Carl Ends Engagement to Lindsay: Details Inside

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke are in for a harsh summer. The trailer for the eighth season of Summer House has just dropped, and it’s explosive. It’s finally giving fans a glimpse into the exact moment Carl called off their engagement last year.

Lindsay is seen telling Carl during a heated argument in their NYC apartment, “I want you to be happy.” Carl’s response is far from comforting. He retorts, “I’m not happy and I don’t think you’re happy. You need that in a relationship, you need to have the power over the other person.”

Carl doesn’t stop there. He throws more shade at his then-fiancée. He tells her, “You’re really gifted at playing victim.” This comment triggers Lindsay, a publicist, to storm out of the room.

She declares, “Well, there’s no more point to this conversation. You’ve made the decision clear.” The drama doesn’t end there. Carl then breaks the fourth wall, speaking directly to a Bravo producer.

He shares his thoughts on how their breakup will play out. “I thought she would react a little differently,” he admits. “She’s gonna spin this and then tell everybody she’s blindsided. I’ll be the bad guy, that’s fine. But she’s blind to the things that have gone on the last year.”