Car-Buying Tricks Used By Celebrities

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash

There’s one common thing between celebrities and wealthy people: a flashy lifestyle. They wear expensive accessories, own the latest gadgets, and drive some of the most exclusive cars on the market. They are always seen as pacesetters in society, and as a result, many people would love to know how they shop and buy their comfortable and stylish vehicles. Here are four tricks celebrities use when buying cars.

1. Buy from a Registered Dealership

Counterfeiting is slowly finding its way into the motor industry. There was a recent story about an auto shop in Brazil that was busted for selling fake Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The best way to find an authentic vehicle and avoid paying a lot of money for a counterfeit version is by doing thorough research. 

You can do an online search or look up the company on Better Business Bureau. If the brand isn’t popular, you can make inquiries about it on online car forums and see if it has any negative reviews.

2. Buy Online

Celebrities attract a lot of attention whenever they go out in public. As a result, many prefer to make purchases online to remain anonymous. Thanks to virtual showrooms, buying a car online isn’t as difficult as it once was. Covid safety protocols also popularized online shopping.

Today, you can visit a virtual showroom using your computer or smartphone, compare car features, look at different car images, pay online, book a driving test, and have the car delivered to your home without ever stepping into a dealership. When celebrities shop online, they can bargain and get better deals without disclosing their identity. This is different from traditional car-buying where they’d be tempted to pay more to avoid attracting paparazzi and the public’s attention.

3. Don’t Rush

Automakers now release improved versions of previous car models more frequently than they did before, so wait and buy the most recent model. As you do your research, inquire when the newer models are expected in the market. The luxury vehicle you want may still be in the development stage. You can always learn about upcoming models by visiting auto manufacturers’ websites.

4. Buy Using Cash

Buying a luxury vehicle with cash isn’t easy. Celebrities do it because they have the means. But it’s good to get in the habit of always paying for things in cash. You’ll cultivate financial discipline and enjoy many benefits. Buying a car with cash can attract huge discounts, allowing you to save more. There are no monthly payments to make, so you can focus on other financial goals. Additionally, when you pay for something expensive in cash, you feel happy, proud, and accomplished.

Owning a luxury car comes with multiple benefits. The vehicle has state-of-the-art safety features, has a higher resale value, and acts as a symbol of your professional or financial success. However, to ensure you get the best deal when buying your dream luxury car, don’t forget to use these tricks celebrities use.