Brooklyn Beckham Talks About Plans to Start a Family with Nicola Peltz

– Brooklyn Peltz Beckham is excited to become a father and wants to follow in his parents’ footsteps of being a young parent.
– He and wife Nicola Peltz Beckham want to have a big family, but Nicola is more focused on her career at the moment.
– Brooklyn is ready for fatherhood and is hoping to have a son or daughter soon.

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Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Shares His Excitement About Parenthood

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham, recently expressed his eagerness to start a family. “I think I’ve said it a lot of times that I’m very excited to be a dad,” he shared in an interview. Growing up with his younger siblings, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, has made him look forward to the prospect of having children. Brooklyn idolizes his parents, who had him at a young age, and he hopes to follow their footsteps by starting his family early. “My dad was young when he had me, and it was just so nice because we did everything together,” he said.

Brooklyn and his wife, Nicola Peltz Beckham, wed in April 2022 in a lavish ceremony in Palm Beach, FL. The couple has been inseparable ever since, from attending Victoria’s Paris Fashion Week show as a family to building a network of high-profile friends like Selena Gomez. Brooklyn attributes the success of their relationship to his father’s advice: “I always try and make her happy. I do everything to make her happy.” And for Brooklyn, making Nicola happy means starting a family with her.

Although Brooklyn longs to have a son or daughter running around, he is not pressuring Nicola to have children anytime soon. Nicola, too, has expressed her desire to have a “big family,” but at the moment, she is focused on building her career. Nicola stars in and produces her upcoming film, “Lola James,” and is also involved in several other projects. Meanwhile, Brooklyn is working on various initiatives like a Silk Nextmilk campaign and possibly opening his English pub someday.

In November 2022, Nicola spoke to Entertainment Tonight about their future family plans, confirming Brooklyn’s dream of having a big family of his own. She said, “We want to have some of our own kids, and then we really want to adopt kids, too.” Nicola also shared that Brooklyn has already built a bond with her siblings, given that she has seven, resulting in him wanting to have children of his own someday.

Brooklyn is excited to become a father, and although the couple’s career priorities differ for now, both Brooklyn and Nicola are set on building a loving family someday.